5 Tricks for All Night Red Lips

There's nothing quite like a pretty red lip. It's my personal go-to lip color choice for anytime I need a little extra somethin'. I guess you could say I've mastered the look! Here are some quick and effective tips for a long lasting pout to make every woman jealous :)

  1. Stay Hydrated! Dry and flaky lip product happens when your saliva starts to gather at your inner lip. It's not cute. Instead of having to constantly blot your mouth on a napkin, carry a straw to sip some water out of ;)
  2. Use a lip stain. My favorite lip marker of all time is Josie Maran Coconut Water Lip Stain. It stays on for hours at a time and can even survive a juicy burger lunch. The best part? Instead of coming off in blotches, it gently fades away as it wears off.
  3. Do not skip the lip liner. So, you think you want lips like Taylor Swift? Well guess what... she uses lip liner. Focus on the inner corners of your lips and the V in the center for a nice clean shape.
  4. Matte lipstick lasts longer. Use it. If you simply can't stand the dry feeling of a completely matte red, go for the Sephora brand. It comes on matte but feels more like a gloss. Very luxe.
  5. Use your finger or a napkin to blot off excess product. Seriously, do it. Unless you like having lipstick on your teeth, this is a must. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below!