The Next Everywhere Bag


Last week when I was headed to Bratislava, I found myself in a tight spot in terms of luggage. I didn’t want to take my suitcase just for three nights, but my backpack was too small to fit my laptop, makeup bag, hair straightener, shoes, pants, three tops, and a sweatshirt. The night before the trip I started googling duffel bags and weekend carry alls with laptop sleeves. After some time I stumbled upon the Herschel Supply & Co. bags, which I’ve been seeing hipsters around Prague carrying. While browsing the Herschel website I discovered that the brand also carries several luggage items including a special edition carry all with a laptop and tablet sleeve. Perfect! A bag I can put everything in without having to take an extra container for my electronics. This bag is absolutely perfect for the kind of traveling I'm doing these days and that's why I'd like to share a few ways to wear it!

Girly + Minimalistic Hangover Style In Pink & Cool Gray, Made Amazing With This Pretty Windsor Wine Herschel Strand Bag

As you may remember from this other outfit on Polyvore, this pink shirt dress is basically my dream dress for every hangover ever. It's roomy, cheery, and looks good no matter how crappy your face looks ;) But hey, there's a tutorial for that! Add a modern silver coat to that and you're absolutely in the clear for a fantastic weekend abroad. In this outfit I've included the beautiful Herschel Strand bag in Windsor Wine. It doesn't have a built in sleeve, but you can most certainly fit your own laptop inside if you want to. 

European Blogger Goes To The Airport Outfit, Featuring The Black Herschel Strand Plus with Laptop Sleeve

The more time I spend on Instagram, the more I see of the same patterns and prints and colors over and over again. And although I myself am pretty into navy right now, it's been getting pretty out of hand. This outfit in an ode to the European style blogger. 

A Tomboy Spin On The Wonder That Is Oxblood

There are many reasons I adore rompers. For their personality, their simplicity, and that little piece of fabric that separates ones leg from the other! Skirts and dresses are cool and everything, but there's nothing like a little leg room to make my day just that much better. That's why I put together this little getup, mixing casual denim textures with the more rigid polyester blends of the sexy red bag and stylish vest.

The Retro Loving Office Lady's Business Trip Turned Fabulous, All Thanks To The Novel Bag 

For the modern day Audrey Hepburn, there's always a lovely way to piece together black and whites with contrasting colors. In this next outfit I particularly love the way the blue and orange play off each other between beauty choices and the monochromatic basics. And hey, if you're a really heavy packer, this bag is definitely for you. Not only is it the perfect carry on size for a one week trip abroad, but it's got a special compartment just for your shoes! Say hello to the Herschel Novel bag.

Big Bright Lips + Big Bright Coat + Sweater Dress = The Most Comfortable Awesome Outfit You've Ever Worn

Back to the Strand, aka my current accessory obsession, this time I decided to go for something more bold. As much as I think yellow lipstick is tricky for my skin type, I added it in this outfit because I think it would look amazing on someone with Rihanna's complexion or maybe darker. 

Taming Of The Sweaterdress, A Tale Of Simpler Times Worn Well With The Wine Colored Herschel Strand

For those days when teal and yellow seem way too bright, there is yet another sweater dress out there to save the day. This little getup is my ideal dress for an autumn date night in old town Prague. That is, if my date happens to be taking place the moment I arrive from the airport or the train! 

And now it's your turn to share with me! Which of these outfits do you connect with the most? And if you're up to it, let me know what kind of luggage you take with you for your weekend trips! I'm open to shopping suggestions ;)