Bangkok Beauty & Style Buys + Giveaway!

As you may have noticed, Thailand is my new home for the month. One of the reasons I wanted to come to Asia in the first place is to get to know some of the continent's most well kept secrets - skincare and beauty. Of course, there is no way I'll ever have the amazing skin of a natural born upper class Asian woman, but I sure as hell can try!

So far I've discovered that beauty products such as masks, powders foundations, and a variation of cleansing soaps are available at every corner store in the big city of Bangkok. And you won't believe the prices! That's why I decided to do a giveaway for my new and old subscribers! Here's what you can win:

MarinaSays Giveaway Vamp Set 1: Medium Tone "Whitening" Powder Foundation with UV Protection by Sasina + Venom Cream Face Mask 

MarinaSays Giveaway Vamp Set 2:  "Whitening" Setting Powder with UV Protection for Medium to Light Skin + Korean Bee Venom Cream Mask 

MarinaSays Giveaway Natural Beauty Set: Travel Sized Johnson's Baby Powder + Korean Foamy Facial Soap with Snail Powder 

How to win!!

In order to qualify for this giveaway, you must:

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I will put all names of the qualified contestants in a hat and draw 3 lucky winners... all winners will be announced on Facebook and in an email newsletter on Feb 18, 2015

Good luck!