Interior Space: DIY Luxurious Holiday Decorations

Can you hear the bells? I sure can. The mall was ridiculously packed yesterday and I could hardly breathe. It took just 30 minutes of fighting my way up and down the escalator to decide I'm just going to make my own holiday decorations. As it turns out, there are so many cute DIY projects out there, I just had to share! 

Copper Wire Wreath

 Trendy copper tone wreath and other hipster holiday DIY projects that look fancy but are 100% made by you! This and other stylish posts at

No matter what you celebrate, a pretty wreath is always a good way to make your home look beautiful and festive of the season, if nothing else. Instead of heading over to your local home decor store, try making your own piece of luxury home decor that you can later show off to you guests (or instagram followers, if you know what I mean).  This tutorial by Live it Love it Make it is beautifully laid out step by step with photos and links just over here

Wooden Seasonal Greeting

 Seasonal decorations for the winter holidays in the most luxurious way possible... but at a friendly price and fun to make! Discover them all, only the best with

If words on wood is your thing, you need to get on this tutorial like, now. Kelly of Live Laugh Rowe uses a stencil to create this lovely "Let it Snow" board, but you can hand write it if your handwriting is pretty. I think this would be lovely in a country style or rustic living room, possibly near the entrance as a kind of welcome sign. What do you think? Get the details at the source.

Upcycled Menorah

 DIY olive oil menorah and other luxurious looking home made holiday decorations - all at

For those of us who celebrate holidays of the old Jewish calendar, Hanukkah isn't exactly a biggie, but it's a nice reason to do a little DIY because hey, why should the Christians be having all the fun? No matter how seriously your family takes the holidays, this traditional spin on the menorah will not just look good in your home, but feel good (if you know the story of Hanukkah, that is). Get the step by step instructions at the source.

Minimalistic Ombre Ornaments

 The most beautiful holiday decorations that look fancy, but are actually home made. Only the best at

My apartment is largely black and white, so when it comes to decorating for the holidays, I'm a big fan of the minimalistic approach. These ombre balls by My Dubio are just that. The only thing you need is some old ornaments & spray paint. Get the step by step here.

Wreath Pillowcase

 Holiday wreath pillowcase DIY tutorial & other holiday decor projects at 

Nothing says "home" like a comfy sofa with a bunch of pillows and a fuzzy throw, right? Well then it's a no brainer that special holiday themed pillowcases will take your holiday decor to the next level. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or something else, this simple design will give you a cozy feeling of winter. In this tutorial, Jody of Homey Home Design decided to go for a no-sew version of this Pottery Barn knock off. But if you really want to go the extra mile, go ahead and sew on the leaves and pompoms for some home decor you can even use as a gift! See the original post here

The Minimal Hippie Wreath

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A few months ago I got pretty into macrame and playing around with rope. Because I love natural textures, this macrame-esque wreath really caught my attention. I think it would look absolutely perfect in my bedroom. If only I could make more holes in the walls! See the original post by The Merrythought here.

Star of David Wreath

 Chic and easy to make holiday decorations that look amazing but are super easy to make at

So, Holly of Avenue Lifestyle calls this a "Christmas Star," but I'm pretty sure this is the Star of David. Whatever you want to call it, it's adorable and totally doable. Make yourself a cup of tea and get to crafting this holiday season. Trust me, it's so much more rewarding than spending countless hours at the shops trying to fight your way to the plastic crap decor that won't suit your home anyway. Remember, DIY projects are completeky customizable. It's literally in your hands! Are you ready to make stuff yet? Get the step by step here.

Custom painted Wood Coasters

 Hand painted holiday coasters and other festive DIY projects that look expensive but are made by you at

While we're on the wood theme, I'd just like to add this wood coaster tutorial because it's really super easy and can be done by any level craftsman (or girl). All you need is some slices of birch from your local forest or craft store, some acrylic paint, and a bit of varnish. Meredith of Unoriginal Mom makes the magic happen in just a few easy steps. Get the details here

Golden Jars of Beautiful Light

 Make your own golden glowing candle jars and vases as holiday decorations. They look luxurious but don't cost a thing. This and more of the most beautiful holiday decor tutorials at 

No matter what you celebrate, the look of glowing warm light is sure to get you in a cozy winter mood. Instead of overpaying for rustic metallic candle lanterns, try making your own with the help of Aunt Peaches.

I hope you enjoyed this post and all the great projects by these amazing DIY bloggers. Let me know which one you like the most and if you're going to be making any soon! :)