Blue Drop Waist Blouse Romwe

At twenty-three and a half I've just come to a rude awakening at the realization that I am indeed gaining weight. Now, I don't know exactly what number would show up on the scale if I had one, but the changes have been affecting the way I dress, eat, and even sleep. I have a constant belly roll and two chops or muffin love on lower back. The other day I wore a romper that used to look like a skirt. The shorts were cutting right into my crotch this time. I'm not going to claim that I'm fat, because that's simply not true, but I will say that whatever extra "fluff" I have accrued has been completely unwanted and without warning. If this has anything to do with my age, ancestry, or sleeping habits, I don't know, but now that I am home all day I think I've actually been eating healthier than ever in the past year. 

Most breakfasts I have a either a drinkable yogurt like Activia or a cup of hot tea with lemon. If I wake up too late I just do a brunch smoothie, followed up by a rice cracker or toast snack with cheese and veggies a few hours later. For dinner I usually have a home cooked meal featuring tofu, couscous, and other food-conscious items. Sure, maybe once or twie a week I'll order in, but I don't believe that noodles and pizza twice a week can make someone constantly feel over their usual weight! And hey, don't you dare tell me it's all in my head. I have lived in this body my whole life, I think I'd know if I was feeling a bit rounder than usual. 

Last week a musician I was working with said I should do sit ups. Then another person suggested I join a dance class. No. Not everybody is good at physical activities. In fact, even people who might be able to adapt the skill often don't actually want or like to do said physical activity. I am one of those people. Never will you catch me at the gym getting sweaty in a pair of yoga pants and headband. I'd honestly rather eat nothing but vegetables for the rest of my life than have to waste 3 hours a day getting sweaty. So, what am I going to do about it? I'm going to make a doctors appointment to get my stomach checked for ulcers because meanwhile my body goes bezerk, I've been having horrible stomach pains. It only makes sense to seek professional help at this point.

But everybody gets a little chunky sometimes, am I right? Even skinny girls can have days when their usual bodycon dresses just don't look right in the mirror... that's exactly the reason why I decided to try this drop waist top from Romwe. Button up shirts have been coming back into circulation among trendsetters everywhere and I'm here to let you all know it's time to c e l e b r a t e! Because anybody can look good in a button-up

Another thing I love about the button up shirt, blouse, whatever you want to call it, is that once you get a good one, you can rock it forever more. Any shirt cut can be worn over again from one season to the next. It's all about the attitude! The way you wear it. For simplicity's sake I decided to style this top as simply as I could so anybody reading could see it's literally a no brainer. Just button it up, throw on some pants (or a skirt, leggings, sweats even!) and head out the door. With the drop-waist style, girls with bigger busts can even get away with wearing a sports bra underneath. I'm serious! When the shirt is buttoned up all the way, the pretty ruffled skirt will do all the work for you in terms of giving you some kind of shape. It won't make you bigger or smaller, just a whole lot cuter :) 

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