Stay Comfy & Don't Give A F*ck

So, I had a conversation a few days ago about how fashion is different around the world, including what trends pick up where and why. Those trends then cause anybody unaware of the norm to stick out like a sore thumb. Being a person who's lived on more than one continent, I can definitely vouch for that point. This last summer was an especially big shift between my "American self" and my "European self."

In New York everybody seemed to be dressed well, whether they were in a simple pair of denim shorts and tee or sporting a Chloe bag with oversized sunnies. The atmosphere was definitely more sophisticated than the San Francisco Bay Area, where suburban fashions are basically the norm. Everyone wears jeans, comfortable shoes, sweatshirts, and "natural makeup.". Back in Prague you see women ditch the makeup altogether, wearing shapeless frocks as if it were cool. Look, I'm not trying to hate, but there are very few places that have impressed me when it comes to fashion. 

I may not be the most fashion forward person ever, but that's purely the fault of my personal finances. I don't have rich parents or a plush job, so my clothing choices are pretty much limited to whatever is on sale or sure to last me more than just a few occasional wears. For example, the cap in this set. I bought it almost a year ago. It's been serving me very well, giving me just enough leather to bring my streetwear out of the gutter, and enough shape to take any took to that hip hop level. And you know what? Even when I'm not wearing what I consider to be the season's hottest getup, people stare. My industrial hip-hop hipster meets Manhattan vixen look is simply too extravagant to blend in and I'm okay with that. Let them stare.

Back in the day when I used to wake up at 5:30 am to sit behind my sewing machine to create an all new outfit for the day, I would tell people I didn't give a f*ck what anybody thought of my style. And most of the time that was true! In fact, when my teachers tried to bully me into showing up to class with my P.E. shorts, I'd just take a pair from the lost and found to up-cycle into an all new mini dress. And you know why? Because I learned at a very early age that I'm my own person and if I let somebody make me feel bad about that, I'll be lost forever. I'd seen body image trends influence friends into eating disorders, drugs turn ten year olds into desperate street rats begging any passerby for a cigarette, and school rules crush the arts out of kids who by now might even now be the very next Martin Scorsese or Alicia Keys.  

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As an adult it takes a bit more bite to keep track of my feelings towards trends, celebrities who rule the body image trends, and what the people around me say about my fashion choices. Sure, it gets to me when my dad says I gained a lot of weight since he last saw me or when some other family member points out the fact that I don't have the typical latina hourglass figure, but I never let it go without setting the record straight. It takes guts to tell them that yes, I have no hips but it's okay with me. And when my boyfriend asks if I'm really going out dressed like that, I saw yes and leave without a second thought. You know why? Because if I let that sh** get to me, I'll break into pieces over analyzing my every food choice and fashion accessory. Ain't nobody got time for that! Especially not me.

There are a few ways to actually deal with this: confront the person who is criticizing you and tell them to please stop judging, walk away and shake it off then do it again the next day, rebel against whatever they say like me as a teen so you can rub it in their face. The third option will definitely get you in trouble, so only do it if you're willing to struggle a little. 

When you see people on social media obsessing over Kylie Jenner's huge (fake) lips, don't compare them to yours. Don't go straight to the mirror to overline your own lips! Instead, look yourself in the mirror and find the things about your own face that you love. When the H&M poster at your bus stop features a woman with glorious blonde hair and an amazing crop top you could never pull off, don't feel sorry for yourself and stop eating! Instead, realize that no matter what is trending there will always be something out there for your body type to rock! It may not always be that crop top, but it might be a luxurious A-line skirt with a bold cerulean print. If it looks good on you, why care what anybody else is wearing? Seriously, stop.

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I love this outfit because it's comfortable, versatile, and I look good in it. If that's how you feel about your outfit, by all means wear it! But just in case you want to look like me, here's what I'm wearing. Don't forget to comment!:

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