Crochet Me Back to 1997

Maintaining a style blog is so much easier when you have someone there to take your picture. Up until now I've basically been relying on a 13 inch tripod and a self-timer to take my photos. That's right, it does suck. Fortunately I'm back in Slovakia now where I actually have friends who enjoy taking photos! Yay! 

This week I made a trip out to Dunajska Streda, Slovakia. The southern city is well known for its fruitful Hungarian population. Sure, I knew that I'd be hearing loads of Hungarian, but I didn't think I'd have trouble communicating in my own home country!  

So, I get on this bus, right? Trying to be smooth and cool I tell the bus driver that all I have is a 10 Euro bill and ask if it's alright? He looks back at me with a blank stare. "Excuse me? Where do you want to go?" I repeat myself about my destination and show him the 10 Euro bill. Finally he understands. 

That's the thing about travel, though. You really can't expect anything of anyone. That's why I've been wearing sneakers for the last half a year. It's not even so much that I like the look, but rather that comfort is simply a must when you don't know the road ahead. Below you can see my lightweight Nikes with the mesh topping. They're super lightweight and conveniently shaped for small feet like mine.

Up on top I'm sporting this highly honest black cap. A few months ago I read some blogger's post about how whenever she's too lazy to do her hair she puts a black cap on it from H&M. Although I never leave the house without my hair at least somehow manipulated, I took to the idea by purchasing a hat with the most swagger I could find. 

In fact, I like the hat so much that I've even been wearing it at the airport. Normally this is a no-no since at some airports it makes you a person of interest for the security cam guys, but I figure that wearing is backwards keeps my face exposed and therefore there's no problem.

Once, at at airport the immigration offer asked me, "What's the problem?" Blank and confused I asked what he was talking about, hands in the air waving "no problem, officer!" He chuckled and pointed... "The problem must be you." Yup, the problem is me, bro.

If you're into the cap, you can find many more like it at Cropp, a popular casual wear store, most known for its menswear and accessories. 

Between the shoes and cap I'm wearing a clashy combination of layers to try and stay warm in this psychotic springtime weather. Can you imagine seeing sunshine, hail, snow, a rainbow, and wind all in the same day?

  • Black opaque tights by Ralph Lauren
  • Forest green socks
  • Green and black touristy shorts from Thailand - Bangkok's Chatuchak Market for $3
  • Black strapless bra by Marks & Spencer
  • My mom's retro black crochet top from the 90's (left) - aren't we so #fbf in those matching outfits?
  • An oldie but a goodie double breasted woolen vest by Forever 21
  • My everyday denim jacket from Pull&Bear, 2014 fall collection

In the end I'd say the look has an overall coating of self confidence. It's the kind of outfit you can take from day to night by simply removing the socks and denim jacket.

While on my adventure out to Dunajska Streda I even encountered a bit of rain and wind. I like to wear tights on rainy days because they dry faster than say, jeans. If you have not yet invested in a long vest I strongly urge you to. It's the absolute best investment I've made in recent years since it both keeps me warm and keeps my layers crisp with its long lines.

This is Doreen - the reason I went out to Dunajska!

She's a classy teenager whose style continues to evolve with each blog post. Her blog is predominantly in Slovak, though from time to time she also writes in English. I have the honor of saying I was part of the inspiration for her blog in the first place. Gosh, it's awesome to inspire people to follow their dreams!

Go check out her rainy day outfit, photographed by me :)