The Cutest Custom Cupcakes by City Cake Company, Bratislava

I know I'm not a food blogger, but this I had to share. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I spent the weekend in Bratislava celebrating my brother's 21st birthday. Our mom wanted to make something special for the occasion, so we decided to get some custom ordered cupcakes with a medicine theme (since he studied medicine now and won't shut up about it!). 

Surprisingly, there were not that many impressive cake makers in Bratislava. When I typed in my search I got endless portfolios of beautiful desserts and skilled bakers in the Košice area, but hardly anything was coming up for Bratislava. After about 30 minutes of tweaking my Google search, I finally stumbled upon City Cake Company, Bratislava. As I browsed their Facebook photos for something up to my standards, I was impressed to say the least. 

Gorgeous cakes with marzipan figures and shapes, vivid colors, and happy customers commenting on the wall of their Facebook page. Better yet, I got an answer to my inquiry within less than one hour. All I had to do was find some inspiration for the shapes I wanted online and send them over with any other flavor or delivery inquiries I had and I was done. I paid for the cupcakes ahead of time via online bank transfer and was told to pick them up at their location in Petržalka by noon on Friday.

When I arrived at the door at Ovsištské Námestie 1, a quiet but polite baker met me with the box ready to go... when I opened up the box to see the end result I was ecstatic. They were perfect! The fresh scent of sweet butter filled my nose while the bright colors invigorated my visual senses. Really, these cupcakes are awesome. 

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Happy birthday, Miško! :) 
And you readers let me know if you're into the food posts... it's my first official food review and I don't know what I'm doing!