Dare to Dream in a Midi Skirt & Flats

It's that time of year again... the sun is peeking its way out, flowers are beginning to bud, and there are couples everywhere. No matter what your relationship status is, it's easy to feel a little left out when you're surrounded by people kissing non stop. Have no fear, a solution is near... at your local book shop, that is (and if you're more of an online shopper, there's always Half.com for used books).


Reading from an actual physical book will take you on a journey to a world and time or your choice. I'm a big fan of fiction, especially historical. Some of my favorites have been: The Great GatsbyWaiting for SunriseLolita

Each of these books follows the story of characters living in a time when things we now take for granted were a thing of luxury, and a time when their luxuries can now be remembered as kitschy ornaments or collectibles.


Another reason I love historical fiction is because of its immaculate way of transporting you to a different era in art, love, and fashion. As you can tell by the films, The Great Gatsby's Fitzgerald and Lolita's Nabokov do a most immaculate job of describing the fashions of the time. Everything from the fabrics to the body types that rocked the era can be found splattered across the works of both authors.


As for how this related to escaping modern day jealousies, it's easy. One thing about life that I actually learned from acting theory class in college was that in order to feel like someone you're not (yet), you should start acting/dressing/eating like them. Or at least this is a method some actors use to get into character, e.g. Robert Deniro inTaxi Driver. I've even read about a similar theory in a self help book (forgot the title). It said that in order to become rick, you must behave rich. The theory behind that is for another discussion, but essentially it all boils down to this: allow yourself to melt into the world of your current book. If you're reading an inspiring story based in the 1950's, then this look can serve as inspiration.


As you might be able to tell by now I'm not too big on wearing heels. Mostly for practical reasons. I live in a city covered in cobble stone, so any heel taller than 2 inches is bound to hurt your ankles sometime within that 20 foot walk to the bus stop. But ladies, I cannot stress enough how much easier life is without high heels. You get everywhere faster, you can walk on any surface (grass, tiles, gravel...).


I hope this left you at least a little inspired to pick up a book and indulge in a world unlike your own. If not to escape your current discomforts, then definitely for the adventure. I'd love to know what you're reading in the Facebook comments!