Day to Night Oversized Dress from SheIn

Ok, this is my third attempt at writing this post. That's how messed up my brain gets when I'm on my period. I can't concentrate, am restless, feel tired, and like to ramble on about things that don't actually matter... ok I do that last one all the time :)

So, instead of blabbering on about my recent experiences at parties, with friendships, or the impending doom that is Valentine's Day, I'm going to just get to the point. THIS OVERSIZED DRESS is really cool and actually a great piece to wear on a day when you only have 5 minutes to go home and change before heading out to party. I got the dress from SheIn - an online store where you can buy literally any trendy coat, dress, pants, at a friendly price. I'm actually really happy about mine... the material is kind of like a thick jersey and wears well, even in the cold weather we have been having in Prague lately. Below, you'll find two ways I styled the dark green round neck pockets dress, available at

Daytime Look

For this look, I topped off the dress with a tan colored full length cardigan. I went with a lighter color to keep the focus on the pockets and overall dimension of the dress. This works especially well with the sleeves scrunched up at the elbows. For the shoes and handbag, I chose to stay in the neutral color family with a suede finish.

Special tip - Do your hair in braids so that later you can just take them out for a quick change of style.

Oversized pockets dress in olive green - SheIn
Full-length cardigan in tan - H&M (as seen in this fall look)
Suede Handbag - Promod, or try this similar one
Suede Leather Boots - Bata, or try these
Jewelry - Swarovski

 Oversized dress from SheIn review, styled for day and night at
 Huge pockets on this awesome statement dress from SheIn - More looks at
 Olive green pockets, tan cardigan, and a fringe suede bag at
 How to rock an oversized dress from day to night at
 When doing a day-to-night outfit, put your hair in braids! It's a great way to totally switch up your look later.
 Going out with a ton of pocket space! See the look at
 "Roll up your sleeves to get more dimension out of your look" -
 Swarovski jewelry at

Evening/Night Look

When taking this look from day to night, start by taking down your hair... it feels amazing, I promise. Next, slip on a pair of lace black tights, switch up to a pair of Chelsea boots, and throw on a pair of statement earrings. If you really want to go to the next level, pick up a bold colored clutch bag.

Suede clutch bag with fringe - Zara
V silhouette earrings - Swarovski
Chelsea booties - Asos
Lace tights - Zoot

 simple eyeliner with a statement earring by Swarovski, as worn by
 Great clutch bag with fridge, featured in a day to night outfit at
 Evening look with an oversized dress /
 An evening spin on an oversized dress from featured at 
SheIn -Your Online Fashion Print Dress

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