Dressing For The September Feels

Oh, September. Musicians seem to have been singing about September for ages now. In fact, I've made a playlist of September songs. Feel free to listen while you read/scroll (yeah, I know not everybody reads these ;). I hope you can appreciate the order in which I arranged the music, for all the feels.

Just as the songs portray, September is a month so heavy with emotions; excitement, heartbreak, longing, thankfulness, new beginnings, returning to the real world... 

It's the shift between the sunny summer days and darker nights to come. Personally, I love that I can finally pull out some of my more comfy favorites, like a fuzzy Zara sweater or chunky pair of socks for my evening walks with Ruby.

But just like each song in this playlist, everybody has their own way of interpreting the seasonal and emotional shift that is September. Which one are you? Let me know in the comments <3


Cozy and sexy outfit with a touch of pink

You're just here to drink the wine...

Seasons? Who cares. Sure, you've got a little bit of the blues, but it's probably just because you're still hungover from that late night rendezvous with your best friend and the handsome foreign fellow she brought along to the local hookah bar. Anywhoo, you're in love with life and another glass of bubbly can only make things better. So, kick on a pair of these super cool pink heels and a chunky sweater, fast forward to September Baby by Joseph Arthur for a bit of the feels.

Romantic floral dress paired with nude accessories

In full throttle...

There's nothing more satisfying than that first crunch of a fallen leaf under your feet. And when the rain falls, you're always the girl who feels just fine making her way to the tram stop with no umbrella at all. You're kind of a dork, but you really don't care. Maybe you fell in love this summer, or maybe it was just a long lasting heat stroke. Whatever, babe, you'll be just fine. Scroll your pretty fingers down to It Might As Well Rain Until September from the musical Beautiful - A Carole King Musical, and savor the aromas of a warm cup of apple wine.

Cream and leather street style outfit with coral lipstick

Heartbreaker honey...

You may not be an optimist, but you're definitely not giving up on wearing the shortest possible skirts just yet. After all, there are plenty of muted floral prints out there to pair with a good pair of strappy leather heels! You're all about having a good time, exploring new things, and keeping it real. You're a heartbreaker who can't help herself but feel the need to keep on going. You're moving on with style and you're never looking back. Well, honey, this one is for you. Fast forward to September Gurls by The Bangles and rock on.

Topshop oversized shirt dress with a burgundy touch

Back in business...

While everybody and their kid sister is off trolling social media with their cutesy back to school outfits, you're busy getting sh*t done like it's nobody's business. Frankly, you're just happy to finally be able to go outside without your entire face melting into one greasy pot of self pitty. Sure, it's nice to think back to those glamorous days of the summer holidays, but now it's time to get real in a good pair of power heels and a deep red lip that bring all the boys to the yard.

Navy and white trendy marble outfit

Can it be winter already?

Hot weather is sticky and annoying. You're always sweaty and honestly haven't had a good day since way back in May. You're so ready to move on, and you're going to use some of the season's most powerful icy trends to do it. Instagram has been full of marble print and you're cool with that. If there's anything you do best, it's get on with it. Your place in the playlist is right at the top. Press play and get to where you've got to go with this conveniently sleeveless #ootd worth bragging about on Insta.

Sexy casual romper with earth tone accessories and a bold lip

Savoring every last drop...

Like all good things, summer must also come to an end. And unlike the ice queen back one outfit, that isn't making you happy at all. You're organizing some fabulous BBQ parties and picnics at the water because the idea of wasting one more ray of light seems like a crime. You know these last few warm weekends are to be cherished. So, kick on a pair of your most comfortable Birkenstocks and skip to the last 9 songs of this September Feels playlist before you head out the door for this year's last amazing beachside bash.

Bright and bouncy kimono centric quirky outfit 

Absolutely in denial...

What? Summer is ending? Who are you kidding?! You're a true believer in the Indian Summer to come. No rainy day is going to stop you from wearing your favorite white dress, even if it means you'll just have to take a cab to and from work all week. You're an optimist and a believer in color making every day just that much brighter. The songs in the middle of the playlist are for you, starting with Rod Stewart's September In The Rain. Enjoy them. 
PS- I hope you're right about that Indian Summer.

Which of these outfits resonated the most with you? :) I'd love to hear all about your September plans too! <3 Leave me a comment below.