Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Threading

Let's be honest, a bad brow day is so much worse than having a bad hair day. After all, your eyebrows frame your entire face. If done incorrectly, you can look permanently angry, sad, surprised, or even old. Personally, I never leave my apartment without at least a little something on my brows. 

But eyebrow grooming didn't just recently become a thing. In fact, women and men have been styling their eyebrows since 3500 B.C. In fact, according to this article by Marie Claire, the unibrow had quite a reign in the ancient days of Greece and Rome. Just a few decades later we see Medieval ladies removing most of their brows as a fashion started by the Queen. And though times have definitely changed since then, with the pencil thin brows of the 1920's to the thick and high arched show stoppers of Elizabeth Taylor, brows have definitely remained a prominent feature of the beauty routine.

When my friend Joanna asked if I knew of any salons that do eyebrow threading in Prague, I went on a full blown search. There is no salon in the area that officially provides "threading" or "Arabic eyebrow shaping" services. In North America we're used to having virtually any kind of beauty service available to us, especially because there are so many immigrants who come to share their traditions, recipes, techniques. Here in Europe, we have a bit less of that, but instead of sulking I decided to make the most of the situation. Together with Joanna we were able to find some expats who have experience with threading. In the Facebook Prague Expat group we decided to make an event of it. Eyebrow threading party with wine ;)

 Eyebrow threading party with wine and baby powder by MarinaSays.com

What you need to start threading your brows/face...

  • Regular sewing thread
    For more fine eyebrows, try a thicker thread.
  • Talcum powder or baby powder
    This makes the hairs less sticky and stops some of the inflammation.
  • Cotton pads
 What you need to start threading your facial hair - a guide by MarinaSays.com beauty and style blog.


Step 1: Cut a length of thread, approximately the length of your forearm. This is just a suggestion, but with time you will find a length that best suits you.

Step 2: Tie the two loose ends of the thread together, creating a loop.

Step 3: Use one hand to create a series of twists in the center of the loop (pictured below)

 An easy guide to threading your own unwanted facial hair, brought to you by beauty blogger and style guru, MarinaSays.com

Step 4: Apply a light layer of talcum powder to the area.

Step 5: Use your index finger and thumb to move the twists from left to right by opening the gap between the two fingers. The direction in which the twists are moving is the direction of the hair removal (pictured below). Press the thread onto the skin to remove hairs without tearing. Remember to thread the hair in the opposite direction of which it grows.

 Eyebrow threading in action! Get the easy guide at MarinaSays.com
 Learn this quick and easy Arabic eyebrow shaping technique, only at Marinasays.com

That's basically all there is to it! After a quick session with our excellent teacher, Joanna left with fresh new brows to flaunt around town.

Who choose threading over waxing or plucking?

  • Time. Like waxing, threading is a very quick process. 
  • Money. Unlike waxing or plucking, threading at home costs virtually nothing. All you really need is a few pieces of thread.
  • Convenient for travel. If you're on the road a lot, you've probably lost or gotten your tweezers taken away at the airport more than once. Instead of buying a new one everywhere you go, you can make use of the free sewing kit from the hotel to touch up your brows or upper lip!
  • Precision. When using thread, you have absolute control over exactly what angle you take the hairs from.
  • Less pain and less wrinkles. The reason why so many women dislike waxing is that it hurts and isn't good for the skin. Hot wax can burn you while it sets and tugs at your sensitive follicles while being torn off, ruining the elasticity of the area. Threading does not tug or pull at anything other than the hairs you are removing. This way, the results last as long as waxing without the irritated skin. 
  • More about threading here.

This method works great for at home touch ups and shaping and can be used on virtually any part of the face. To see the method in action, check out the videos below. 

My favorite threading tutorials on YouTube...

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