Finding My Skin Regimen with Clinique

In the past, my skincare routine has been disasterously inconsistent. For a while, I was washing my face in the shower with a Neutrogena Acne Stress Control scrub but stopped when I ran out. Then I ditched the washing altogether and started using maracuja oil on my face to cleanse and moisturize twice a day. While traveling I was all about coconut oil, coffee masks, and sugar scrubs for my face. After realizing that no matter how much oil I used my skin still had dry spots, I purchased a bottle of Ponds. I stuck to that for about three months before giving in to the reality that my skin would never look as good as those 18 year old movie stars everyone idolizes... until a few weeks ago, that is!

I received the 3-Step-System from Clinique back in September and am finally at the bottoms of the bottles. I wanted to wait and see if this stuff really worked before publishing, so I gave myself plenty of time to test out the products. I went through the motions exactly as I was told to do by the salesgirl at Clinique in Palladium (Prague), with everything from the classic products like eye creams to the newer Clinique Smart treatments in my takeaway bag. Here's how my trial went:

Day 1 of the 3-Step Skincare System for Skin Type II (Dry Combination): After a night out

Before using the 3 step system my skin felt tight and dry. The area around my eyes was definitely feeling droopier than usual, with less than six hours of sleep behind me. After using the 3 step system the tightness was gone, only not completely. I still felt a slight tugging sensation around my cheeks and brows, although it's probably just because it's the first day. The evening application was a little less comfortable. I'd had a full bottle of wine a few hours before, so the scent of the soap and tonic (lotion, step 2) especially bothered me. I get the feeling this isn't going to feel good when I'm hungover the next day either...

Day 2: Hungover

As I expected, my hangover made the morning application , especially with the smell of the soap and tonic. Thankfully, the third step has a more pleasant and gentle smell to go along with its clean and light texture. My skin suffered less than it usually does with a hangover. By the evening I still felt that not much had changed with my skin, but appreciated the feeling of going to bed with a clean face.

Day 3: Skip the foundation

After the third morning cleanse I finally started to feel the difference. I applied the three steps then decided to try the Smart eye cream as well. My skin was looking so good that I didn't even bother to wear foundation that day. 

Day 4: I might be addicted

I woke up feeling the instant urge to wash my face. The morning and evening routine is actually quite nice. I can see myself embracing this long-term.

Day 5 until now...

On the fifth day, I got compliments on my fresh and youthful skin from my boyfriend. I could feel a dramatic difference in the tightness of my cheek area as well as my forehead and neck. Since using the 3-Step system I have consistently clearer pores on my nose, better skin coloring, and a new feeling of elasticity in my cheeks. I definitely do recommend this to any girl out there who struggles with dry skin, premature wrinkles, oily skin, pores, or blackheads. Sure, there are some days when I skip the washing (which I only do once a day now, by the way), but when I do actively use it for a few days in a row the difference is huge. 

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