Let's Talk About Lips + Vipera Ikebana Lip Liner

I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos on lips lately. So many girls are documenting their lip injections that even the thought makes me a little sick. Not because I think it's wrong to get plastic surgery, but because I think altering your already pretty face for the sake of a trend is foolish. Yes, I am blaming the Kardashian-Jenners. Now that Kylie is finally out in the open about her procedures, it seems that my social media networks are bombarded with girls admitting their recent changes. Do they realize that by encouraging things like breast augmentation and lip injections they're only making the next generation more self conscious? 

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

There are plenty of ladies out there also doing reviews on tools to enlarge the lips temporarily like with the Fullips enhancer or a simple overlining trick ( I have yet to try this, but it looks awesome). Whenever I'm feeling a little less plump than I want to be, these are the tricks I'm going for. I mean, what if next year I decide it would be better to have smaller lips? Or what if the injections cause wrinkles or some actually dangerous side effect? I'm not one to take that kind of risk.

That's why when I started craving red again I took to Tesco on a mini beauty shopping spree. As usual, I was too picky to buy much besides a nicely packaged lip liner by Vipera Ikebana. For just under 3 Euros this lip liner has a strong pigment and a lovely creamy matte texture. When it comes to lip product, this is my favorite texture because it comes off gradually (not in flakes!) and looks great even under lip gloss. 

Red lip liner / www.Marinasays.com

And now for a few of my favorite techniques on lip plumping...