Finally! Marriage Equality in America

To be homosexual in America has not been easy. You might say I don't know what I'm talking about because I am not gay myself, but in that you would be wrong. Growing up with a mostly Californian life, I've come to know a good many people whose lives were incomplete because of their sexuality. 

A girl who faced rape threats by high school boys on a nearly daily basis, until finally it happened with someone she called a "friend."

A boy who at 13 discovered he looked beautiful in lip gloss and mascara, only to get beat to bits in the boys locker room before getting a black eye from his religious mother. 

A boy who was so afraid to admit his bisexuality that he joined a church and joined gay-opposing political groups.

I myself witnessed hate as well. When I was in high school I went to Washington D.C. to give a speech about gay rights. My room mates accused me of attempting to molest them, nobody sat next to me on the bus or at meal times, and a teacher called my mother to inform her that I am a lesbian. All because I stood up for a cause I believed my generation needed to hear about.

 This is what unity looks like / Photo by @ laurie_msp

This is what unity looks like / Photo by @laurie_msp

The Battle Has Been Won! It's Finally Over!

For much too long America has been separating "the gays" from "everyone else," but all of that is about to change now. On June 26th, 2015 the United States Supreme Court came to a final conclusion that gay and lesbian couples can marry just like everybody else - IN ALL 50 STATES! Finally our friends and neighbors can go into the world with the law on their side! True, it may still take years before the haters catch on, but I do believe the day will come in our lifetime.

And as many movements have in the past, I believe that many countries will soon follow in the footsteps of our leaders as we have by the example of brave souls in now 20 countries around the world. See the map here

It may have taken us more than 40 years of political struggle, and over 14 years delay in joining the movement (The Netherlands have had marriage equality since 2001!), but it has all been for the good of families and generations to come. 

Celebrate this victory with the faces of marriage equality in the USA: land of the free

The Supreme Court came as a major surprise for everyone, but best of all the ruling came just in time for Pride Weekend. And what better place to celebrate this colossal movement than in the city where it all began? Check out some photos of the celebration at #SFPride.

 "He only bites homophobic." :)

"He only bites homophobic." :)

 Free to be whoever you want to be / Photo by @ iansocrazy

Free to be whoever you want to be / Photo by @iansocrazy

This is a happy day, not just for LGBT Americans, but for all Americans. It is the beginning of an era where we no longer will speak about same-sex marriage, but of marriage. And one day, we need not speak of LGBT rights, for they simply will be human rights. Across this great land, families are celebrating because we truly are one family.
— Marc Jacobs
 Photo by @ edwardazuar

Photo by @edwardazuar

 Photo by @ edwardazuar

Photo by @edwardazuar

All 50 STATES!!!! So happy. Times are changing my friends. We have such a long way to go and so much more fighting to do so I hope nobody stops and thinks everything’s ok because it isn’t, BUT it’s days like today, and moments like this that we’ve all gotta have a drink and celebrate how far we have come. I couldn’t be prouder to be gay x love to all x
— Sam Smith
 Photo by  Kaila Collins

Photo by Kaila Collins

 Photo by @ jaydensworld111314
 Photo by @ richenos

Photo by @richenos

You never gave up no matter how much shame & fear. How much pain. Time to celebrate & heal. I’m in such awe of you.
— Lady Gaga
 Photo by @ hulklexxx

Photo by @hulklexxx

 Photo by @ 8apixel

Photo by @8apixel

Congratulations to my fellow Americans for this final victory! You've fought hard and you deserve this victory. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. #LoveWins

Watch the video below to remember the victories and struggles of LGBTQ rights in America. To read more about the Supreme court ruling, click here. If you still haven't had enough, check out this great Buzzfeed post for some inspirational quotes about marriage equality.