Ho ho ho! From Under The Tree

Growing up, our family didn't have any specific traditions associated with the winter holidays. Sometimes we'd visit family, sometimes we'd bake ham, and sometimes we'd even decorate a tree. But there were also years that we didn't do much at all. No special dinner, no family movie, not even presents. I guess these inconsistencies are due to my parents being from completely different cultures and religious backgrounds. They never seemed to be able to agree on anything, Christmas included.

Now that I'm grown and living my own life I get to make my own traditions. Taking examples from what I know of Slovak Christmas, Jewish-reform Hanukkah, and American culture, my boyfriend and I had our very own Christmas eve this year at home. We decorated a small tree with gold and copper tone ornaments and white Stars of David, wrapped our presents for each other in craft paper with gold polka dots, and ordered Asian takeout for dinner. After dinner we opened presents with the help of a few glasses of delicious ríbezľové víno (currant wine). 

Here are some of the things I gave out this year: golden nail clippers from Hay (get your own here) + anti-tangle headphones + 12 months of Spotify premium for my brother Miško, a copper tone watch + some Clinique goodies for his girlfriend, a handmade notebook with colored pens for my friend Joanna, a wooden model hand from Hay (like this one) + quirky pen and Palomino Blackwing pencil + design magazines Kinfolk and Mincho (all pictured below) for my boyfriend Tomy.

Gifts I received this year were: Set of three navy blue & red holiday socks from Topshop + Yves Rocher spice shower gel + English Rose lipstick by Maxfactor + clip-on fish eye lens for my iPhone from Miško and his girlfriend, a pair of Happy Socks + set of toiletries by Yves Rocher + yellow nightgown from Tomy's family, cute fuzzy socks + wooden hand from Joanna, Lindt chocolates + Herschel Supply Co. Strand Plus bag (see the outfit here!) + iPhone 6 in gold + Swarovski "v" necklace with matching earrings and copper tone bracelet from the cutest boyfriend ever (all pictured below).

 Some of the most coveted items from under the Xmas tree this year include: Mincho design magazine and Kinfolk for hipsters like me ;) - More at www.MarinaSays.com
 Palomino Blackwing pencil, Kinfolk quarterly magazine - the design issue, Happy socks, and wooden hands: the best from under the tree at www.MarinaSays.com
 Design inspiration for all of 2016 - straight from Mincho and a pair of colorful holiday socks. More at www.MarinaSays.com
 My skin is going to be amazing this year thanks for these Yves Rocher gifts! More beauty and style at www.MARINASAYS.com
 I got an iPhone for Xmas! This and other great gifts to inspire the new year at www.MARINASAYS.com
 My boyfriend is the sweetest! Just look at these amazing gifts by Swarovski. Love! More at www.marinasays.com
 Everything I hope for in the new year, I got for Xmas. Discover more style, life, and beauty posts at www.MARINASAYS.com
 Silver "v" necklace and earrings by Swarovski! Discover more style, life, and beauty confessions at www.MarinaSays.com

I'm excited to have started off our first "Christmas" holiday with such a homey atmosphere... and amazing gifts! Now it's your turn... how do you celebrate the winter season and what was your best gift this year (given or received)?