Glamorous Things To Do At The Beach

In the last 6 months I've had plenty of beach time. Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled. It's great to be able to lie on the beach and all, but it does get a little tiring after a while. I mean, laying on the sand tanning for 5 days in a row? Kinda boring. That's why I'm always coming up with new stuff to try on the sand. This passed weekend I spent just a few minutes on the beach and immediately felt that urge to start doing something. Anything! So I climbed up a sand pile and started jumping. I will admit, it was fun feeling like a 5 year old again :)

How to have fun at the beach /
Uphill fitness at Monterey Beach, California /

Are you planning any beach side chilling this summer? I'd love to hear where you're going :) Anyway, here are some ideas for how to use your time at the beach more wisely this summer break:

Read a book

Seems obvious, but a lot of people forget that beach time is prime reading time. I've read some of my favorites at the beach. The Circle by Dave Eggers was a particularly fun one to read while chilling at the beach in Gran Canaria. Another good idea is to bring a magazine with you. This way if it gets wet you won't regret it that much.


I don't do gyms. Actually, I don't do fitness, but if I did I'd do it at the beach. Walking on sand is already a pretty good workout (think firm butt and nice calves!), now imagine what jogging or running on the squishy surface can do for your figure. If running ain't your thing, you can always do yoga or swim against the waves.
Here are some inspiring workouts and fitness trainers you might like: @toneitup@twobadbodies@remodelfitnessnyc, @Tracy Anderson

Learn a language

Reading books isn't for everyone. That's why there's audiobooks! Consider listening to a new language while you get your tan on. Now you'll be able to make some smalltalk with the cute waiter at your hotel bar ;) All you need is a pair of ear buds and sunscreen and you're ready to go. My current favorite language learning app is Duolingo.

Do your nails

Yeah, I'm serious. I do this all the time. I mean, if you're going to lay there lazily, you might as well get beautiful doing it, right? 

Make a friend, play some ball

Bring a ball with you next time you go to the beach. Doesn't matter if it's a beach ball or a pro volley ball, there's always a game to play on the beach. My personal favorite is paddle ball or soccer. No net? No problem! You can always improvise by making lines in the sand or playing monkey in the middle. 
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Ride one of those cute boats

Boats are awesome. They take you out to sea real fast and give you a new perspective of the beach. If you're lucky you'll even get to see some cool sea creatures! If you're feeling extra brave you can also go down for some snorkeling or diving! Just make sure you have a guide with you if you've never done it before. 

Take some pictures

You might need a tripod or a friend for these, but it's worth it :) Beach photos make for great Facebook cover photos and profile photos for any social media. 

Make some drawings

Just bring a sketchpad and some pencils, crayons, whatever, and start sketching what you see :) These could make cute postcards too! For some tips on ink wash drawing, check out my how-to post.

Hope you enjoyed this post about the beach! Let me know what your favorite beach activity is in the comments below :)