Going Blonde With Irresistible Me

I need to make a confession: I suck at doing my hair. I think I've got a lot of hair tools for a person who isn't very skilled with her hair though. I have one boar brush, one wooden wide toothed brush, a handful of brown bobby pins, two scrunchies, a small box full of small rubber bands, three or four hair sprays, dry shampoo, argan oil, and castor oil for masks... but no matter how many of these products I collect I can't seem to figure out any worthwhile updos or styles other than my go-to soft waves or overnight braids.

Despite being unskilled at any cool styling looks or methods, I like to think I'm pretty good at keeping my hair healthy. I do oil masks a few times a month, try to cut away any split ends more than 2cm up, and let it air dry most days. After growing my hair out for almost a year since the awful hairdressing experience I had in Thailand, the only work I've had done to my hair was a touch up on my ombre and a trim at Wella here in Prague. But even after modeling for Wella and paying just $5 for a cut and color, I still felt like there could be so much more done with my hair... enter Irresistible Me human hair extensions

After a long day of clicking through websites I wanted a chance at working with I heard my computer do that piano chord it always does when I get a new email... it was from Madison at Irresistible Me letting me know that they'd like to send me some hair. At first I was hesitant to try it out because it seemed like such a "fake" thing to do, you know? I mean, I don't wear pushup bras and I don't have fake nails, so why would I have fake hair? So I did a quick Youtube search to find out what other girls were saying. I found Camille Collazo's video and found it so incredibly helpful, I immediately got on board with picking out my set of hair to try. I just fell in love with the idea that hair extnesions can be a girl's way of dressing up or down. kind of like lashes, but less annoying to put on and off! After watching the video that showcases each color in great detail and a few emails between Madison and I to answer questions about how many grams I needed, I ended up getting 18 inches and 200 grams of Silky Golden Blonde (#14) human hair.

The package arrived at my local post office after about a week. Excited, I hurried home to open the pretty black box. Inside was a plastic ziplock back full of beautiful thick blonde hair. I immediately made my boyfriend take these pictures of me "before and after" the silky smooth human hair extensions. I love the way it looks and am excited to try new updos and looks for special occasions as well as using them whenever I feel like I need a little extra something. Of course, like Camille mentioned, it's probably best to have your hair layered in order to get that smoother and more natural look, so I'll be doing that in March when I get my touch up at Wella (I'm going to be a model for their hair academy!). To see more real-life photos of how I wore these clip-ons, see my outfit post featuring Ksenia Schanider's graphic tee.

No Extensions

Irresistible Me Extensions

I love the look and would definitely recommend these clip-on human hair extensions to anybody who dreams of long luxurious hair without the patience and dedication to actually grow it out that long. It's also a fabulous way to go for anybody growing out their short hair! Five stars from me on this one. Have you tried hair extensions before? Let me know what you think in the comments :)