Harry Potter Liquid Lipstick Review in "Sirius"

In my last post I shared a little bit of Harry Potter geekiness with the "always" necklace by Erin Paige Design. Today I'm taking my Harry Potter fangirl status to the next level with this Smitten Liptint Mousse by LASplash. I admit, I'm late to the liquid lipstick game, so I've got quite a bit of catching up to do in terms of the "how to" tricks and tips for this type of product (if you need those, I'm leaving links to my favorite videos below), but hopefully that won't stop you from geeking out with me over this luscious blue color so well nicknamed for a classic character, Sirius Black.

When I first saw the photo of these Harry Potter themed lip colors on Buzzfeed (the best waste of time, lol) I knew I had to have at least one. After clicking through a bunch of posts, I found that the company who makes the so-called "Harry Potter colors" is LASplash. Annoyingly, they're not actually named after Harry Potter characters, it seems that someone just compiled a fake chart with the nicknames... but because the swatches just looked too damn good, I decided to try them anyway. But living out of the US, it's not always easy to get American cosmetics. Luckily, there's a reseller called Milk Honey on German Amazon that ships LA Splash and other American brands to the Czech Republic and other European destinations. The price of the "Sirius" color was about $4 more than the original cost in the US, but with free shipping it's actually about the same in the end. 

After trying the color for the first time I had both negative and positive thoughts. Would I recommend this color to others? Well, you're going to have to see the video to find out... just scroll down or click here to see my first impression of the LASplash Harry Potter Liquid Lipstick. If like me, you've never used liquid lipstick before, I recommend watching some of these how-to videos before making a purchase:

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