How I Got Started With An Awesome Beauty Brand

If you've been following my blog at all, you know I don't do sponsored posts unless the product is truly worth my time and effort. For a while I was in the habit of turning down all kinds of opportunities to make money or get popular because I was afraid to do it the wrong way. I was reading all of those guides by bigger bloggers that said they'd turned down tons of offers because they were too busy waiting for "the one." To me that sounds like these bloggers just have way too much money to spend on actually purchasing every item they talk about. Unlike normal people like me and you...

That's why for the last few months I've been really working hard to make this blog something worth reading, and I think it's about time some of my hard work paid off. It's exhausting to spend so many hours liking and commenting other blogs, product pages on social media, etc. I'm sure every blogger out there can relate. 

One of the things I started doing in hopes of promoting my blog and getting some interesting offers is actually reaching out to brands and small business owners myself. I don't have a team to sit here and help me click away at a million messages a day, so this process has been a slow churning one.

 How I got Clinique's attention via Instagram

So, I made a few versions of a pitch email to send out to projects I found interesting on Etsy. I sent over 100 of those, with about 7 shops interested, only 2 of which have actually agreed to work with me on a long term basis. One of those is a shop I've already bought something from! Another thing I did was start offering product reviews over Instagram. I literally went to the search option and started browsing hashtags to discover some interesting brands. 

But it wasn't until I posted that blog post about my favorite lip products that I started to see the pattern of my few successes... it was big companies whose products I've already talked about (successfully) that seemed most interested to collaborate with me. You see, when I posted the corresponding photo to the post on Instagram, as I usually do, I decided to take one extra step: I tagged the related brands and mentioned them in the description of the photo, plus I used their hashtags to make sure they couldn't miss me.

Today, I'm excited to announce that I've finally landed a most exciting partnership with a brand you surely know and (should) love: Clinique! So far the beginning of this journey with the classic American beauty brand has been welcoming, especially considering the tight knit community of bloggers here in the Czech and Slovak sphere. 

Above you can see the comment I left on Clinique's Instagram photo. The translation reads: I love the chubby stick! If you're interested, I'd love to work with you as a blogging partner.

Not long after I posted that comment (above) I received an email from Katerina, the regional manager of Clinique's marketing efforts. She was eager to meet, so we arranged for me to attend one of their regular events at which store managers get educated on new products coming up. Unlike many of the similar brand educational events we had for Victoria's Secret, this was a private setting complete with coffee and cakes! 

 Breakfast with the Clinique team while learning about the latest beauty products
 Clinique's pastel packaging of the latest skincare solutions
 New lip colors by Clinique, by
 Swatches of Clinique's new lip color releases 2015

For two hours I formed a few new bonds with the ladies at my table, learning about skincare technology and testing out new products. Although I probably am not the right audience for most of the skincare presented, I did learn some new things about Clinique as a brand. I was impressed to receive a full sized mascara and moisturizer in the thank you package as well as a nice big bag of samples to talk about here on my blog. The only thing missing was some more lipstick (which is what I love most about Clinique!!).

So, from now on whenever you see me posting about Clinique know that I probably got the products for free, but as an honest writer I will never lie about a product's abilities. I'm here for you, my readers! And as I have always done, I will continue to create posts with the most accurate and useful information I can. I hope you're as excited as me to see where this leads and to find out just why I chose to seek out this well known, but not necessarily popular brand among our generation.

Stick around or subscribe (below) to keep tabs on upcoming tips and tutorials about Clinique's skincare regimen, upcoming makeup products, and my assessment of the brand for women in their late teens and mid twenties. If you enjoyed this post, please go ahead and leave me a comment below - I always love to hear your thoughts!