How to Wear Colored Mascara The Cool Way

A lot of people assume that wearing colored mascara is for kids or the couture runways only. Newsflash! It's not the nineties anymore, we can all enjoy a whole new array of colors for our lashes! Personally, I've always been a fan. As a teenager I'd often raid my local drug store for colorful mascaras to match my nails or fishnets. Of course, my classmates all thought I was nuts when I showed up to school in a 1960's inspired red and white outfit with bright orange mascara... but then again, there are not many situations in which orange mascara is flattering.

Anyway, things have come a long way since the awkward days of the early 2000's. Last year Great Lashes released a new line of brightly colored mascaras. Sure, those looked great on all those runway models and a few blonde girls with beauty blogs but that doesn't really apply to most of the planet's population, does it? I'm a brunette who can appreciate natural beauty but also possesses a deep loving relationship with color and vibrancy. So when I found out that Clinique was coming out with a new line of Chubby Lash mascaras - in color - I was stoked. Right away I asked to sample the plum color. 

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Clinique's new Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara - limited edition! - comes in four fresh new colors: Black honey (marsala red), Two ton teal (turquoise), Portly plum (purple), Massive midnight (blue), and Jumbo jet (black).

What's great about these colors by Clinique is that they're bold yet subtle. Instead of a bright neon effect, the brand went for a darker shade of each color, making it more of a surprise than an "I'm crazy" statement. The fact that these colors are dark make them great for us brunette ladies out there who actually need some depth to make our eyes crank up to the level of our hair and brows. As you can see in the photos, different lighting situations make the color appear either more cool or warm, but always dark. 

Another thing I love about this mascara is the plastic applicator or wand. Although the name may sound a little weird (fattening lol), this mascara actually does what it promises to do in terms of volume. When applied with a zig zag motion, Chubby Lash really does amp up both the volume and length of the lashes, while separating them into sexy pieces (see below). I will be using this mascara much more frequently now.

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So how do you wear this stuff without looking like a wacky lady from the 1980's?

From what I've searched, I see a lot of bloggers telling their readers to only try shades based on their eye color. As a girl who does what she wants and rocks it, I'm not going to sit here and say you should only wear the color some cocky makeup artist says would work for your eyes. Girl, please! If you want to wear turquoise eyelashes then so be it, I won't stop you. But I will give you some tips first.

1. Avoid blush, use bronzer or basic contouring instead. 

You don't want to overdo it with the colors and end up looking like a clown. Whenever I wear a bold color on my eyes I skip the blush altogether and only use a matte bronzer on the outside of my face for dimension. Same goes for the eyes. If you must wear eyeshadow, stick to bright natural colors such as beige or taupe.

2. Choose your lip color carefully.

The safest way to go with a bold eyelash color is nude or bare lips. If you're into taking risks, here are a few color combinations worth trying out:

  • Blue mascara + Orange lips
  • Plum mascara + Nude lips
  • Olive green mascara + Caramel or brown lips
  • Dark red mascara + Light pink lips
  • Turquoise mascara + Dark berry lip

3. Mix it up!

There's not just one way to wear colorful mascara! Here are some cool ideas for beginners and advanced color enthusiasts:

  • Colorblock your eyes by using one color on the top lashes and another on the bottom.
  • Try using color only on your bottom lashes while keeping the top black.
  • Only use a hint of color on the very tips of your lashes. Simply apply your regular black or brown mascara as usual, wait a minute, then apply new colored mascara on the tips of your lashes.
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