Take Me To Fantasyland: How to Wear Pink Hair

Coloring my hair has always been something of a delicate subject. Afraid to get stuck with a color I hate, I've been settling for a simple ombre since 2012.

I've been talking about going pink for a year now, but it's difficult to figure out exactly how I will be able to maintain it with my current lifestyle. Will I have to bleach it first? How long before I'll have to color it again? Is my hair healthy enough? These are just a few questions I need to seriously consider before dipping my now medium length locks into a powdery pink dye. 

More things to consider before coloring your hair (mind you, some of these opinions may seem a bit paranoid) are: 
- How your boyfriend/girlfriend will react?   ...in my case, not so thrilled.
- Will it will affect your job?   ...not a problem for me.
- Are you willing to accept that people will treat you differently?   ...in most cases, yes.
- Will the change affect the way you dress?   ...yes. I might finally start wearing more color.
- What about your beauty routine?   ...it will be more fun.

I think it's finally the right time to take the plunge. After all, I am an adult and hair does grow back rather quickly. If it sucks, I can always color it dark again or chop it off. I've already started looking for the right hair stylist for the job and made a few cute collages for inspiration. 

Pink hair, pink lips, and a lot of emoji.

Going pink is my way of reminding myself that I am free. I'm young and I deserve to be happy, try new things. This "Be Happy" outfit is all about that. Silly emoji skater skirt and slip on shoes, a bright lip and a pretty little crop top is everything I could ever ask for on a sunny day in June. I may not be a blonde, but this pretty little pony tail is really making me want to jump up and down like an over happy cheerleader.

Romantic pink ombre paired with everyday pastels and stripes.

Sometimes you just need to chill. Although I'm not an athlete of any kind, I do appreciate a comfy outfit that allows for a lot of movement. Here is proof that even a simple pair of sweats can be glamorous.

You can never go wrong with stripes, and when paired with this super plush pink ombre, this combo of pastels and solid black and white just makes sense. 

Luxurious pastel inspiration for a special occasion.

Just because you have colorful hair doesn't mean you can't class it up. Here's my dream outfit if invited to a wedding this summer. 

Although slightly reminiscent of a unicorn, this little number can quickly change its mood by simply applying a different lip shade. I chose a sherbert orange for a more fantasy feel.

It's all about the details for a date night on the pier.

When it comes to date night, less is always more. I am all about this gorgeous navy dress paired with a simple pair of heels and a creamy gold and pink eye.

When work with unnatural hair colors, one must always pay attention to the colors put together in the outfit. That's why I chose this nautical palette. It's unexpected and absolutely flirtatious.

So what do you think of my pink hair inspiration? Would you wear these outfits with pastel hair?