It's My Birthday, Biatch

I like to think that birthdays are an important part of our time here on earth. People should be happy to celebrate the accomplishments of modern medicine and our experience every year. People now are living longer than every before in recorded history. If it weren't for vaccines against life threatening illnesses and the awesome doctor who managed to unwrap the umbilical chord from my neck back in '92, I might not even be here today. 

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. 23 is an interesting age for to be at as a woman for a number of reasons: people in the workplace finally start taking you seriously, your parents start expecting you to plan out your life, and you no longer feel that fresh feeling of being in your 20s as something new and exciting. I know this all sounds like a downer, but I swear it's not. It's important to asses your feelings and know where you're at. 

Back in my teen years I always expected my twenties to be more... glamorous. I thought for sure by now I'd be on stage somewhere in Manhattan or up on the top floor of a German building working at an awesome startup with a big fat paycheck and plenty of fancy things at home. Instead of all that, I'm still just a girl raised in an upper middle class family struggling to make it on her own out in the world. Could it be the curse of 23 coming to get me? Who knows.

No matter what's coming next, I hope this year will finally be the turning point for me. As a female I'm starting to feel the pressure of 30 coming down on me in the form of fine lines on my face and patches of cellulite on my otherwise skinny legs. There's no way in hell I'm going to go down without a fight, so watch out! This year is going be one hell of a ride. 

Pretty birthday gifts <3

Instead of having a big party or getting drunk with friends I decided to keep things low key for the number 23. My boyfriend and I spent a lot of the weekend watching Game of Thrones, I took my dog Ruby to a cool dog park (Point Isabel in Richmond), I went to my favorite Salvadorian restaurant (Platano in Berkeley) with my mom and step dad, then spent a day with my boyfriend at Golden Gate Park riding bikes and eating good food at Ocean Beach.

And on Monday my boyfriend had an awesome surprise for me... we went to see The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco! I laughed the entire time. Truly, if you love American humor you will love this show. It's vulgar, geeky, cheeky, and star studded with performers of the modern age. Now I know why all my dorky theater friends kept telling me to go see it :)

 Black body conscious dress by XOXO from my mom,  Jo Malone  perfume from my boyfriend, and  francesca's  jewelry as a gift to myself.
Jo Malone London pretty packaging /
Gorgeous packaging for Jo Malone perfumes /
Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sandalwood scent in its original packaging /
Tie dye strapless beach dress and jewelry from Francesca's /
Detail of a pretty blue tie dye beach dress and Francesca's jewels /
Chill day at the beach birthday gifts /
Pretty things for my 23rd birthday /

Big thanks to Tomy, my mom for the great gifts and wonderful birthday weekend. And thanks to everyone else on Facebook for the wishes and funny wall posts :D 

As for the gorgeous items above: 

  • Black body conscious dress by XOXO from my mom
  • Blue tie dye strapless beach dress from my mom 
  • Jo Malone perfume from my boyfriend
  • Two tickets to see The Book of Mormon and a delicious midnight snack from my boyfriend
  • Beach bag with sunglasses print and matching sunglasses case from my mom and step dad
  • francesca's jewelry as a gift to myself

Which of these items would you first like to see as an outfit here in MarinaSays? Let me know in the comments below.