Every Girl Should Have One Great Winter Coat

It has been quite the start of the year this time around, with exciting blog partnerships on the table as well as a duet with a budding European singer. It's an enormous relief to have so many positive things happening all at one time, especially after all the drama last year. As a relatively pessimistic person, this kind of groove is a great start a new chapter of my life professionally and personally. If you've been following along in the last year you'll notice I've been getting more and more into small business fashion labels. If you're new here be sure to check out these hand made berets from Poland, this game changing accessory from Israel, and the exciting new Ukrainian fashion designer who gets her inspiration from folk patterns! What I love most about working with these small-time labels is getting to chat with the designers about what inspired them, why they create, and where they want to go with their creations. 

Speaking of exciting partnerships, today I'm happy to be able to share the first of three sets promoting Jenny Jeshko, a new name on the Slovak design scene. Locals may have already seen her work on the runway at Prague Fashion Week 2015 alongside Pavel Berky's amazing Fall/Winter collection, or in the look books of some already established Czech and Slovak bloggers. I first heard about Jenny Jeshko through my friend and photographer Anela, who had done some work shooting clutch bags for the website back in the fall. Actually, it was Anela who put the collab together, suggesting that I do a shoot with some of the Jenny Jeshko pieces. I started to surf the website and decided that I'd try out some pieces.

We ended up going to Bratislava together to meet with the designer, Jana Jeskova, at her studio to talk about her work and check out some products. I was impressed with the way she managed to turns a small hobby into a successful product line, coveted by local quality buffs and online style icons.

As I dug through the ever growing mountain of earrings and clutch bags, skirts, capes, and coats, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the bold designs and patterns! After trying on a bunch of pieces I finallycame up with a game plan - we would do three looks. Because it's the height of winter right now everwhere North of the equator, I decided to share this amazing coat first. Not only does this pink-burgundy double breasted statement coat look great, but it feels so cozy, too! Whether it's in the way she sews or the high quality tweet material, I'd take this coat over my old Zara coat any day! 

Also featured in this look is a cool gray necklace with a floral and fringe detail and a pair of wine red earrings with gold beading. Although these pieces are not usually my style, I have to say I'm quite pleased with the way they work with the coat. They're lightweight and easy to wear on the body, especially the necklace. I think these accessories would be a big hit even with a much simpler outfit like an everyday jeans and tank top look.

 Pink-Wine tweed coat by Jenny Jeshko - see the full fashion review at www.MarinaSays.com
 Handmade tweed long coat by Jenny Jeshko - worn by style blogger www.MarinaSays.com
 Detail of tweed Jenny Jeshko double breasted coat - worn by style blogger www.MarinaSays.com
 Staying warm in this amazing handmade tweed coat by Jenny Jeshko, Slovakia - more photos and info at www.MarinaSays.com
 Handmade statement earrings by Jenny Jeshko - as worn by www.MarinaSays.com - a blog about style and beauty
 Every girl needs a great coat. I recommend these hand sewn tweed beauties by Jenny Jeshko. More at www.MarinaSays.com

Each piece is made individually by hand. Send an email or make a phone call to get your own original Jenny Jeshko coat, earrings, necklace, or clutch bag - and don't forget to mention MarinaSays! 

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