Cloaks Are The New Ponchos

While everybody in the fashion industry shows off their luxe lifestyles at the springtime fashion weeks in New York, London, and wherever the hell else, the rest of us have no choice but to sit at our screens and lust for all the glitz and glam of skyscraper hotel suites and designer glitter. We tell ourselves that one day we will meet with fluorescent shoes and expensive handbags, under a tent that smells of cocktails and strong perfume, but that probably won't happen to the most of us. We will just keep on liking photos as we scroll on our way to work or school or the grocery store. Sad, right? 

Not if you're a down to earth cool girl. Honestly, who wants to be in that crowd of self-conscious groupies just trying to snap a selfie with Kylie or whatever other plastic face is out there? I know I don't. I actually quite like being able to watch from afar. I get to scan through photos of what I like, ignore the rest, and move on with my life. Yes, of course runway shows are exciting, and it's one of my biggest dreams to be able to dress up for places to be like NYFW, but not if that means I should be some sort of fangirl to talent-less model celebrities. I just can't stand for that. Instead, I'll sit here in my cozy living room writing about the underdogs of fashion, the little guys like Jenny Jeshko, whom you may remember from a post in late January, featuring a pink and wine tweed coat.

Now that the sun is starting to melt the ice off the European towers and riversides (and our frozen hearts), it's time to reveal yet another luxurious set by the Slovak designer, who is also now on Etsy for those of you who'd like an easier shopping experience. Below, you'll find a series of photos of my everyday styling for Jenny Jeshko's cloaks and statement necklaces. You know, now that I'm looking at it, these cloaks could easily be the springtime replacement for the ever so popular return of the poncho from recent months. What do you think?

Although these cloaks come in many different materials and designs, I chose this dove gray one for its unique combination of textures and rope belt. When worn over a long black dress, this piece really gives the outfit a feminine springtime vibe, with the slightest hint of the classic vintage days. Although I admit I could have chosen better shoes (not my fault, they were out of my size at Zara that day -_-),

I think the overall look is something anybody can wear, either dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. I can totally imagine one of these cloaks worn with a great pair of skinny jeans and booties, or even with full on office clothes! Why not? Let me know how you'd wear it!

 Cloak by Jenny Jeshko, as styled by
 The perfect springtime outerwear right now is this handmade cloak by Jenny Jeshko - available in many colors and textures. Find out more at
 Feeling fresh in this cloak by Jenny Jeshko! Find more style and beauty inspiration at
 Outfit of the day (#OOTD) by featuring cloak and nacklace by Jenny Jeshko, bracelet by Swarovski, dress by Pull&Bear
 Feeling excited for spring in this light cloak by Jenny Jeshko, Slovak fashion and accessory designer. More info at
 Knit + woven cloak by Slovak fashion and accessory brand Jenny Jeshko, styled and worn by - a place where style and life come together
 Forget fashion week - wear something real. Here's an awesome spring cloak by Jenny Jeshko, a fashion and accessory designer who makes all of her items by hand in her Bratislava studio. Find out more at
 Springtime moods / @marinasays
 avant garde fashion straight into the streets of Bratislava, Slovakia. Here's a lovely garment by Jenny Jeshko, an up and coming Slovak accessories designer. Find out more at
 Cloak by Jenny Jeshko - detail. More fashion and beauty posts at
 Cloak detail - great springtime #ootd /

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