Personalized Jewelry by Kate Forty Eight

It has been quite a wild last two weeks! I promise nothing bad has been happening, I just haven't had as much time to dedicate to the blog since I've been working on a new project (soon to be announced!) and traveling with my boyfriend before we head back to Europe for a few months of relaxation (aka hard work behind the computer, lol).

Speaking of relaxation, that's a lot of why this blog exists for me. Logging in here and being able to blabber on about whatever topic I want is actually really nice. I guess you could say it's my therapy... which would make you readers the shrinks! As long as you don't start analyzing my mental wellbeing in the comments, I'm happy.

Today I'm going to use this session to talk about customized jewelry. You may remember a post I did back in May where I showed you how to wear monogrammed bracelets... well, this is going to be sort of similar. If you were watching Good Morning America this week you might have caught a glimpse of the Kate forty eight brand and their monogram pendants. Originally priced between $82-115 a piece, the entire collection is going on sale for as much as 72% off! 

How to wear the "Established" pendant...

The Established is my favorite from the selection over at Kate forty eight because it's like an upgraded dog tag! It's a custom engraved horizontal stainless steel bar on a 19" ball chain. Available in gold and silver with your last name (or business name) and established year engraved in all caps. I pieced the Established together with a tribal shift dress, simple shoe and bold accents because it's exactly the kind of piece that should be noticed with the outfit of a successful woman. 

  • I would definitely suggest this pretty piece for any business woman (mine would totally say "MARINASAYS, established 2012").
  • It might be cool to use this as an anniversary necklace... married name and anniversary date, anyone?
  • This might also might a cute gift for a best friend. Get "BFF" instead of a last name engraved with the year you met!

Love the look of the Established? Buy yours now for just $32 (originally $115) here!

If you'd rather wear your first name...

Next on the list is the Signature Bar in silver. I like this one because it, again, has that dog tag feeling but with a feminine cursive font for the word you choose to wear. As long as the word you'd like to wear is under 12 characters you should be fine. The pendant itself is 1.125" in length on a 19"inch chain. Keep in mind all words engraved on the Signature Bar will be in lower case. Previously priced at $115, thanks for GMA you can now purchase this personalized piece for just $32.

  • Get best friend necklaces or even a mother-daughter set to wear when you go out to brunch.
  • Give your mom or grandma some maternal swag, for example "oma" or "mama."
  • Have your favorite nickname engraved on the Signature Bar instead of your birth name. One day someone will ask you and you'll have a cute story to tell.
  • Again, you can have the name of your blog or brand engraved for a cute way to represent.

How to wear the "Chloe" pendant...

If the dog tag style isn't for you then you're sure to like the Chloe by Kate forty eight. It's a simple enamel disc set in silver stainless steel. Letters A-Z are centered on the pendant. The Chloe is available in five colors (white, black, teal, orange, red) and each pendant comes on an 18" stainless steel beaded ball chain. These babies originally sell for $82 a piece, but if you get them now you'll get them for a sweet $26. Some ways you might consider wearing this simple monogram style:

  • Go classic by wearing one pendant with your first name initial.
  • Gift the Chloe pendant to your mother with a letter for each child. She can wear them in different colors and at different chain lengths.
  • This pendant might be a cute thing to give a beloved teacher! 
  • Are you a twin? Get one for yourself in your favorite color and one for your twin in hers. :)

Which of these three is your favorite? How do you feel about personalized jewelry? Let me know in the comments so I can get back to you :)

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