Urban Nu-Retro With Ksenia Schnaider Tee

You know that one guy in high school who always wore gym shorts in the winter and long pants in the summer? That's me. I mean, I'm not a guy but I like wearing skirts & dresses in the winter. There's just something so cozy and refreshing about "tights season!" Seriously, I've got orange, pink ombre, several shades of blue, lavender, and even yellow tights in my closet and winter is when they come out. But with my wardrobe updates lately it's been hard to find something to wear those tights with. In comes the magical Ksenia Schnaider tee. It's a pretty basic white t-shirt, except with a lovely silk crepe, printed with a pixelated Eastern European design with jewel tone colors, giving the top an instant boost from "whatever" to "oh hell yes." 

I first read about Ksenia Schnaider in March when browsing Vogue's fashion show finder series. I was immediately intrigued by the obvious Slavic traditional influence in the digital print tees, dresses, and shoes. The brand has a pretty cool backstory:

"After studying history at university in Ukraine, Ksenia decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer. In 2011, with the support of her husband and graphic designer, Anton Schnaider, they created the high end independent fashion studio Ksenia Schnaider. Inspired by art history, costume design, and architecture Ksenia’s clean and functional approach to design is infused with the clever use of original prints designed by Anton. We fell in love with Ksenia Schnaider's refreshing approach to fashion and were captivated by their beautiful prints and classic silhouettes."

Being someone who works together with my significant other on almost every project (like out travel blog, www.MadeinMoments.com or our leather brand www.MadeinDays.com), I find this incredibly inspiring. In our most recent project, Failpop - an app for staying on top of your basic etiquette when you travel, we discovered a new dynamic for working together. Before  even considering working together with a friend or loved one, you should always ask yourself three questions: 1. Can we communicate clearly, even with uncomfortable subjects like finances and personal time?  2. Do I trust this person completely?  3. What if we fail/succeed? 

If you can answer these without any doubts, you're good to go. If not, try reconsidering and maybe throwing in a contract or two, just in case. Personally, I love being able to bounce ideas off each other as equals in a project the way Ksenia and Anton are doing. And look, they're doing really well! 

 Discover amazing trends in fashion and personal style with www.MarinaSays.com - this time featuring a graphic tee by Ksenia Schnaider, available at Odivo.
 Sassy and confident in my new Ksenia Schnaider top, available at Odivo! More fashion and personal style tips at www.MarinaSays.com
 Nu-Urban Retro Style, featuring a folk-inspired top byUkrainian designer, Ksenia Schnaider - only at www.MarinaSays.com
 How to wear color during winter? Wear Ksenia Schnaider, Pull&Bear, and Urban Outfitters. Discover the outfit at www.MarinaSays.com - a diary of personal style, life lessons, and beauty tutorials.
 Tan coat and red corduroy skirt at www.MarinaSays.com
 In love with my Herschel bag and Bullboxer shoes! Discover more personal style and beauty lessons at www.marinasays.com
 Beautiful Navy blue shoes by Bullboxer. / www.MarinaSays.com
 The perfect winter outfit, featuring great colorful pieces by Ksenia Schnaider, Bullboxer, Herschel Supply Co., and more - only at www.MarinaSays.com

My thoughts behind this look were to try and come up with an outfit good enough for the winter shill, while still maintaining a bright vintage-inspired vibe, curated by the colors of the designer top. I chose a corduroy textured skirt to contrast the silk adornment of the tee and flat shoes to keep it city-friendly. As an unexpected detail, I added my new Herschel Strand Plug bag because it's simply perfect. It's got a sleeve for your computer and tablet inside, buttons to extend the size of the bag on the outside, and a great material that doesn't soak through at the fist sign of rain. Hope you enjoyed this piece. Let me know in the comments, kay? :) 
PS - Special thanks to @lolarollas for the lovely photos! Don't forget to follow her on Insta.

What I'm wearing and where you can get the same

Top - Ksenia Schnaider // Vest - Pull&Bear (as seen in Ice Queen) // Skirt - BDG Urban Outfitters // Tights - Ralph Lauren // Bag - Herschel Supply Co. // Shoes - Bull Boxer // Coat - Pull&Bear (as seen in the Holiday look) // Hat - Bershka (featured in my Revenge post) // Hair - Irresistible Me human hair extensions (full review here)