Last Minute Skincare Gift That Never Fails!

It happens to everyone. In October you get an idea of what you think they'd like to get someone, in November you forget to buy it, and by December it's just too late. Don't you fret because no matter what you were going to buy, there's always an equally awesome backup plan out there. Sure, you might think that giving someone a bath set is lame or risky (sensitive skin, the wrong scent, allergies), but I'd like to share with you a bit of my personal insight: you can never go wrong with Clinique! 

First of all, Clinique is a hypoallergenic brand. Products from skincare to makeup come scent-free and with sensitive skin in mind. There are a number of products for people of all ages and skin types. There's the Acne Solutions line of products, the Superdefense line is made for fighting signs of aging, Clinique Smart which basically fixes everything else, and so much more! Not to mention, there are even products made specifically for men. From shaving gel to a cleansing brush, they've got the men's department on lock. Don't believe me? Just ask Patrik of MadebyBoy.

Second, they have an endless number of travel sized products. In fact, Clinique loves travel so much, they even have this adorable (and useful!) list of travel beauty hacks on their blog. I'm a particularly big fan of #4 from the list, never going anywhere without my travel sized container of Moisture Surge. Since I'm spending the holidays at my boyfriend's family home in Eastern Slovakia, I had to pack myself a small enough bag of travel sized skincare and makeup... I basically just packed the items below, plus a few makeup items. Packing my beauty essentials for travel has actually never been this easy (see images below). 

Third, there are plenty of options for even the smallest of budgets. When shopping for gifts, most of us working-class peeps are on some kind of a budget. I try to spend somewhere around $20-50 per person, depending on how close we are. Some products in this price range (and some cheaper!) I'd recommend are:

  • For a young adult: Being a twenty-something year old, I realize that people in my age group often neglect their skin. For those who are just too busy to do a daily 10-15 minute facial cleanse and cream, I highly suggest the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask ($34). If they travel a lot, consider adding on a rollerball scent like Clinique Happy for $20 + you get to keep the gift with purchase (pictures below)!
  • For someone who loves makeup: I love receiving makeup as a gift. It's the kind of thing I can easily spend way too much money on, then feel dumb that I forgot to eat lunch. Thankfully, the makeup at Clinique is at a nice middle-ground price point that people like me can actually afford. I recommend some of their cool new tools like the Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse ($16.50), Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara (comes in fun colors too! - $17), and Chubby Stick Moisturizing Color Balm in Pudgy Peony ($17).
  • For your favorite teen: This one's a bit of a splurge, but if you really love/like this person it'll all be worth it in the end. I recommend, beyond anything else, the gift of a great skincare routine with the 3-Step System. It's a cleanser, tonic, and moisturizer that if applied twice a day will produce radiant healthy skin! If you don't have time to make it to the Clinique store right now, it's okay! It'll be better for them to go in and find out what skin type they are anyway. Make an appointment for your teen and give them the gift of a date to your local Clinique stand or store in the form of a card & brochure explaining the 3-Step System.
  • For your brother or boyfriend/husband: Because it's not mainstream for men to think too much of their skin, I recommend you take it easy on your guy. Start by giving him the gift of a smooth face with the Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash ($20) and follow up with Clinique For Men™ Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer ($26) because men need protection from the sun too! If your guy is on the road a lot, go for any of the awesome travel sized sets like Great Skin To Go ($36).
  • For mom, aunt, grandma: There's nothing like a great serum to start lifting and firming tired skin. Being a mother isn't easy on the mind, body, or skin. Give her something back with the gift of glowing skin. I recommend anything from the Smart series ($60+).
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 You can't go wrong with Clinique. Discover beauty tips and tutorials at
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 You can never go wrong with Clinique - the best beauty gift you can give anybody this year!
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Simply said, Clinique is a brand for everyone. Feel inspired by this post? Let me know - I love to hear feedback from my readers!

If you're in the Czech Republic, feel free to shop online at or at the flagship store in Palladium in Prague. Don't forget to mention MarinaSays! If you're in Slovakia, visit Aupark in Bratislava to shop at Clinique's first store in the country - coming soon! They're also hiring, so if you know someone fit for the job, shoot me an email.

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