Lazy Day Marble Stone Nails

I'm addicted to nail polish. I'm no pro at nail art or anything, but going even a day without my nails done is torture. I particularly hate the feeling of folding linens or handling paper with bare nails! It's weird and cold and dry and I don't like it. Maybe it's because I've basically been wearing nail polish since the day I was born (my mom painted one of my nails so that she'd know which baby was hers even if they mixed up the name tags in the hospital), or maybe it's because I think the white parts of natural nails is gross. I don't know! Anyway, because my nails grow so quickly I need to paint them at least once per week.

Lately I've been seeing lots of marble stone patterns on Instagram, at H&M Home, and Pinterest. Instead of going out and buying a bunch of marble patterned clothes that'll be out of style soon anyway, I decided to try and recreate the texture on my nails - something that changes as fast as trends anyway. Turns out, getting a marble stone texture on your nails is super easy! All you need is white nail polish, light gray polish, black polish, and some cellophane (plastic wrap). Scroll down to see the step by step directions. 

 How to create an easy stone marble look on your nails in less then 15 minutes + more great beauty & style tips by
 Step by step tutorial for white marble stone nail art by

Step 1: Crumple up your sheet of cellophane. 

 Cut a square piece of cellophane & crumple it up to start creating stone textures on your nails + more beauty tips at
 How to use a crumpled up piece of cellophane to create a marble stone effect on your nails & other beauty tutorials at

Step 2: Paint your nail white.

 Apply an even coat of white nail polish as a base for your marble stone manicure. More at

Step 3: Apply light gray polish to cellophane.

 Apply a light coat of gray polish to the crumpled plastic wrap to start creating your trendy marble texture + other beauty ideas at

Step 4: Dab excess polish onto a piece of paper, then gently dab the cellophane onto your white nail.

 Once your nail is white, use a ball of cellophane (plastic wrap) to create a textured gray surface on yout nail. More tips at

Step 5: Repeat with black polish.

 Top off your marble stone manicure with a black nail color. I love this one by Revlon! More beauty tutorials at
 Save the darkest polish for last when layering textured coats of nail polish + More beauty tutorials at

Step 6: Use top coat to seal the polish.

 Easy white marble stone nail tutorial by

What do you think of the result? Would you try these marble nails? Let me know in the comments below, bae ;)