Life Of An Ice Queen

When I say you don't want to mess with me, I mean you really don't want to mess with me. A few days ago I told you about how I was cheated out of my first singing job. The dude who hired me didn't respect me enough to pay me anywhere near the going rate and then fired me when I reacted to him telling me our four hour performance was an "audition." The Facebook messages just got way out of hand after that and ended after he made the preposterous attempt to insult me. I told him he should watch his mouth and he was reckless.

Again, I'm not the kind of person you want to take advantage of. I've already had my share of that in high school and do not need those emotions repeated in my adult life. Unfortunately for this man, that's just what he started when he told me not to show up for Monday's restaurant performance. I spent a good two days hitting pillows and hating myself... but that's not all I did. I also sent messages to admins of the Facebook groups where he'd been advertising his "jobs for musicians ready to work," as well as to people who'd commented on his posts about such work. I told them all exactly what had happened to me and added that musicians ought to look out for each other. He was removed from said groups accordingly. Next, I send a polite and informative email to the manager of the hotel where we were supposed to play. Last I've heard, his gig for last Thursday was cancelled last minute. Revenge is sweet, I don't care what the girls who think they're "too good for that crap" say. 

Since putting this mess behind me I've attended one jazz jam, had a show at a local live music bar, and made a few new Facebook friends in the Czech music sphere. I'm still upset about the hotel job not working out, but it's not the end of the world. Like Gloria Gaynor said, "I will survive." Apart from singing and songwriting I've also done some rearranging in my blogging priorities. I'd like to make MarinaSays more three dimensional. In turn my lovely boyfriend just bought us a ring light (for me to make videos and for him to photograph his mockuuups) and we're planning a weekend in Stockholm on the weekend after next. 

 Life of An Ice Queen: About being a badass and dressing like one. Coat by Mango, Waistcoat by Pull&Bear... more at
 Cool gray, navy blue, and cranberry (burgundy, oxblood, wine red) layers for the ultimate boss lady outfit this winter. By
 Cozy winter vibes with this fuzzy long coat by Mango... find more style stories at 

About the look...

In this outfit you'll find a hint of classic fashion rules drizzled over a modern menswear base. Long coats and waistcoats (vests) have always been a menswear staple, but lately you'll find more ladies rocking this vintage trend than men. You'll see that in this ensemble I chose to keep the color palette simple with just three prominent colors and a lot of vertical lines. Each layer is intentionally placed to create the illusion of height and a luxurious amount of volume. This is especially valuable for ladies of lesser height (like me). It's a known fashion fact that wearing one color from head to toe makes you appear taller and thinner. Although I'm not wearing just one color, the layers do add a new sense of dimension to the already captivating illusion created by the vertical lines.

For my accessories I chose to stay with the cooler tones, opting for a long sterling silver pendant necklace, a pair of stud earrings (not pictured), and a dainty square "magic" ring gifted to me by Melanie of Deadlines & Dresses blog. If there's one thing I love about blogging it's the opportunities it brings, in this case a new friendship. Thank you, Mel :)

 Inspiration menswear on today's blog post featuring a navy pinstripe vest and heather gray extra long coat. More fashion and life stories at
 Let your accessories do the talking! Featuring some cool details by Pilgrim in this week's look by style blogger
 Special thanks to Melanie of Deadlines & Dresses blog for this adorable silver "magic" ring! Find more cute style inspiration at
 The Lee Cooper Tote Bag is my go to bag this winter. More style swags at
 Life of an Ice Queen: A Story of Revenge and an outfit to go with it. // Read more at the style diary

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Wool Straight-Cut Coat in light heather gray, Mango // 
Noisy May Roll Neck Dress With Long Sleeve, Asos (but I also love this nude one) //
Long Navy Blue Pinstripe Waistcoat, Pull&Bear // Basic Beanie, Pull&Bear //
Basic Scarf with Tassels, Jennyfer //
Silver Heart NecklacePilgrim (As seen in this older blog post) //
Lee Cooper Handbag with Navy and Red Floral Print, Ebay //
Black Platform BootsDeichmann (As seen in this blog post) //

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