Loungewear Inspiration For The Girl On The Go

My favorite thing about cooler weather is being able to snuggle in under a big baggy sweatshirt or poncho. You know, when you get the chills in the morning, but then you slip on that old sweatshirt from god knows how long ago and suddenly you feel perfectly ready to curl up on the sofa with a cup or tea and an episode of Narcos

Though I love being comfy and cozy just as much as the next girl, I'm simply not willing to give up my image for it. Lucky for people like me, oversized garments are totally in right now, especially in the world of fast fashion. But how do you wear a head to toe lounge-inspired outfit without looking like you just rolled out of bed? Easy. 

 Loungewear inspired outfit from H&M and a super budget Indiana Jones inspired hat. More looks and beauty tips at MarinaSays.com

Accessorize your favorite oversized top with statement jewelry...

A great way to transform a lazy day outfit into a work-friendly wonder is a sexy set of jewels. When choosing jewels to go with your cozy outfit, go for a piece with personality. If your jewelry box is mostly filled with dainty pieces, don't be afraid to do some layering. It's a great way to put some glitz into your look without sacrificing any of that coziness. For the sake of loose fitting silhouettes, I chose to layer this long necklace with an ethnic flare from Francesca's with a shorter engraved piece by Kate forty eight. The bracelet below is one you may remember the bracelet (below) from the Rustic Cuff post.

 Dress up your loungewear inspired outfit with some statement jewelry. More styling tips at www.MarinaSays.com
 Loungewear inspired oversized top and H&M trousers in olive green with zipper detail. More style & beauty at www.MarinaSays.com

Put a hat on it...

Like basically any outfit ever, you can control the mood of your loungewear with a great hat. Whether you're all about baseball caps or badass cowboy hats, you can transform your entire look with one easy top piece. In this look I went for a classic black fall hat with a quirky drawstring detail from Bershka. I love that I can pull it tight around my chin to stop the hat from flying off my head at the first gust of wind! Next time I wear this outfit I'm going to go for my black hip hop style hat, for a more street hood style. Another cool choice could be a baggy beanie. I'm thinking a berry colored jersey beanie.

 Indiana Jones inspired hat with drawstring detail from Bershka. More style and beauty essentials with www.MarinaSays.com

Choose your shoes with care...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: shoes can transform absolutely any outfit. Because I live in Prague where basically every part of downtown is paved with cobble stones, I never wear heels. I know, that sucks, but at least I can get places faster and don't have to carry any extra shoes in my purse at all times. So if you're like me and simply can't or don't want to wear heels, Chelsea boots or "ugly shoe" sandals is a great choice. If you do wear heels, you can definitely play up this look for a work-friendly sexy upgrade with statement heels. I'd love to pair this look with some pink snakeskin strappy heels or even plum colored booties.

 Oversized hi-low knit top from H&M + cotton trousers and sandals are the perfect fall loungewear inspired outfit. More at www.MarinaSays.com

Get the look!

Hat - Bershka but here's another great one.
Long necklace - Francesca's
Personalized necklace - Kate forty eight
Bracelet - Rustic Cuff

Top - Got it at H&M where there are many similar options.
Pants - H&M, but these are cool too.
Handbag - Promod, but this Steve Madden one is great too.
Sandals - Target, but I like these from Asos more!