Horrible Customer Experience At The MAC Store

All I wanted to do was buy lipstick.

About two weeks ago when I was in Bratislava to shooting for my last post about Jenny Jeshko, I made a side trip to the mall in hopes of buying a pretty brown lipstick I'd seen on Instagram. After looking in practically every store that sells makeup, I found a bunch of nude browns and dark reds, but no brown. I had no choice but to drag my brother into the MAC store. So, Miško and I walk into the store where two saleswomen were talking to customers. Neither one of them even looked up to acknowledge our presence, so instead of standing there like a bunch of weirdos I decided to start trying on two of the brown shades I liked from the Matte section. I tried on both and decided I'd take them... only the sales girls were still not paying attention to me. I tried hovering behind one of the women for a moment, thinking she'd turns around and ask if I needed help. She did no such thing. Then I positioned myself in front of the cash register. Still nothing.

These women were flat out ignoring me and my desire to purchase two items.

Since they seemed to not want to sell to me, I sent Miško to take the lipstick and approach the other sales woman. Interrupting her slightly as she seemed to be pointing at a product for the other customer, he said "Hello, I'd like to purchase these two..." but before he could finish, without even looking at the two shades of matte lipstick in his hands, she replied, "We don't have those - sold out," turning her body back to the other customer in an absolutely unwarranted act of ignorance. Unbelievable! I mean, I've seen those videos of other women's "Mac Store Horror Stories" on YouTube, but I never thought it could be this bad. 

I left empty handed, but not defeated.

I took to Twitter to express my irritation with the terrible customer service in the new Aupark location (see the Tweets here). Eventually, the MAC account answered, instructing me to please write an email about the incident to their customer service email. I did... but didn't hear back after 3 days, so I tweeted to the MAC store again. Now they told me to write them a DM... which I did. No answer. It's been two weeks now. Anyway, I did end up buying one of the two colors I'd initially wanted, but not without a little more pain.

Back in Prague, I went to three MAC locations before I could finally purchase the stupid Antique Velvet shade I'd so rudely been denied before. At the first store, I was greeted but told they had only one of the shades. At the second store, the sales girl was alone in the shop and told me she'd called the store in another part of town and knew for a fact they had some of the colors I wanted. I was instructed to call the Novy Smichov location. Nearly defeated, I called the last store I was willing to visit on the next morning. They didn't have Stone, but they did have two Antique Velvet shades left. "Please reserve both of those for me under the name Marina, thank you." Later that day I went to the store, was ignored again as sales reps looked me in the eye before going to the back room or cleaning the shelves. Annoyed beyond belief, I stood in the middle of the store and announced, "Hello, good day!" before finally one of the four sales women approached me with a welcome and asking how she can help. I bought one of the two reserved items and left as fast as possible. I am DONE with MAC.

At least I have the damn color now. From now on if I need a MAC product I'll do my best to find a dupe or only order online. Scroll to see the color I went through all this trouble to buy... for a damn 550 Kč


Have you ever had a negative customer experience similar to mine? Share your experience with me in the comments below! I'll publish my favorites on my Facebook page :)