Meet Donna: Chic With A Twist

She's the kind of girl who can pull off a preppy pink sweater on Monday, rock a jet black babydoll on Wednesday, and make all the Friday night girls jealous with her elegant twist on their trashy clubbing evening apparel. By Monday all your guy friends are asking who that girl was and if you think she noticed them.

MarinSays / Zebra spring coat and Armani handbag

Donna and I went to school together back in the elementary years. She was a neat little girl, always with her hair tucked back in a low ponytail, making her bright blue eyes impossible not to look at. Though we didn't have much to talk about in 2nd grade, Donna and I are quite the cafe-hopping buddies now. 

Although our lifestyles are completely opposite, Donna and I often have the same taste in music. We've even exchanged mixtapes of our favorite K-pop hits :)
Her top 5 favorite songs right now are:

Simple plan, Outta my system
The Wind and The Wave, Chandelier (cover)
Sam Smith, I'm Not the Only One
Exo, Call Me Baby
MFBTY, Angel

Donna in Bratislava rocker-chic with a twist
MarinaSays - Fashionable Friends: Meet Donna // Rocker-chic with a twist
Donna's lucky tattoo / Slim cigarettes

Donna's style can best be described as a twist on the modern chic. If anybody knows how to rock a zebra printed jacket, it's her. When we made plans to photograph her here on MarinaSays for my new series "fashionable friends," I had no idea what she'd be wearing. My only request was for her to be inspired by our mutual love for Asian pop music.

Off I go to meet her down by Kamenne Namestie, just in time for an afternoon cup of coffee. There's no way I could miss her in that absolutely fabulous black and white zebra print spring jacket. The first words out of her mouth as she approached me were about the people on the tram commenting on her "loud" outfit. 

That's one thing about living in a post-Soviet country. Sure, it's been more than 20 years since the Russians went home, but the fear of standing out still holds strong as it's been passed down from one generation to another. Luckily Donna has a strong enough passion for looking great that the dumb comments about her "tiger print" jacket didn't phase her. 

MarinaSays / Accessories: Black hat with leather strap and rose gold sunglasses
MarinaSays Armani purse
MarinaSays fashionable friends in zebra coat and black ankle boots

Here's what she's wearing and where to get you own:

Hat + Shoes - h&m // Sunglasses - ASOS // Jacket - ASOS // Skort - Zara //  T-shirt - Zara // Blazer - Zara // Necklace - ebay // Purse -

Did you fall in love with Donna's style? She's thinking of starting her own blog! Let her know you'd follow her by leaving some love in the comments! <3