Meet Monika of Violet Roots: Wet N' Wild Child

This week's #fashionablefriends is brought to you by Monika of Instead of an outfit, she's here to talk about three great lip colors for three different occasions. If you like this post, make sure to say so in the comments below :)

Hey I’m Monika!
Let me first start off by saying that I'm not much of a makeup girl. I don't have a beauty routine that I live by or a slew of products that I swear by. On an average day I'll most likely have on black eyeliner and whatever Eos or Baby Lips by Maybelline New York lip balm I happen to own at the moment. 

Still, I have a soft spot for lipstick and even if I don't wear it every day it's still something that brings a smile to my face. Lipstick is something that immediately transforms an outfit and can elevate a look that would be ordinary otherwise. It might be a subtle soft pink that makes you feel a bit special at work or a bright coral to go along with a festive poolside vibe. Maybe you gravitate towards a classic red or prefer a more daring black or purple lip? There is a shade out there for every skin tone, style and mood. Today I'll be sharing a few different looks for daytime, a night out with friends and date night! 

Wet N Wlld Lip color review on

1. Day: Have errands to run? A lunch meeting? Try on this subtle mauve by Wet n Wild called “Ravin’ Raisin.” Apply on as light or as heavy as you'd prefer and achieve a shade that ranges from a subtle pink to a darker mauve with purple undertones. 

Wet N Wild Lip color review on

2. Night Out: Plan on dancing the night away? Want to try something a bit bolder? Give this bright fuchsia by Revlon called “Wild Orchid” a try! The color becomes more electric with each application. I applied it four times but the lighter version of this shade can also translate to a fun date night pink. If you're in the mood to be even more daring go for a dark purple or bright peach!  

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3. Date Night: A bright red lip will forever be a romantic staple but why not try something a little different? You can still evoke a sense of romance with a berry color. I'm sporting “Cherry Bomb” by Wet n Wild. This color goes on as a dark red or burgundy and is a nice change of pace from the typical classic red.

What do you guys think? Have any go-to lipstick brands or colors for your everyday life?