Monochromatic Beauty in Purple

I've been wearing a lot of black lately. Not because I'm feeling goth, and no, I don't have a retail job, but because I basically live out of a suitcase. That's why I've been so inactive here on MarinaSays lately! In October, my bf Tomy and I decided to pack out bags and hit the road as wandering nomads. A lot of my attention has since been focused on starting up our travel blog, so I apologize if you did miss me (unlikely, huh?). In any case, wearing all that black is making me a little color crazy when it comes to my makeup palette. This monochromatic purple look is something I've been trying out recently.

Purple or Violet?

My initial inspiration for this gorgeous color came from lindahallbergs on instagram. She first showed off her metallic purple manicure with a Deborah Lippman nail laquer then posted a different look with a lipstick in a similar tone. Needless to say, I've been entranced ever since.

Since I'm traveling in Malta at the moment, I don't have any go-to makeup store on hand for such beauty product cravings... I took to the grocery store "Trolees." As we all know, most grocery stores don't carry luxury brands... I had to settle for a 3€ bottle of metallic Catrice (comes with "2x" written on the label). Here's how it turned out. 


It is said that purple (or violet) is the one color that looks good on all skin tones. Although that is arguable, I've always been hesitant to really delve into the hue myself. Until now I've mostly collected lighter shades like lavender or a reddish plum tone. Those were working alright when I used them along with bolder colors, but just weren't doing anything special. Then this baby came along... the Sephora liquid eyeliner paired with the Lancôme fall GWP.

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