A Day in Las Vegas with #MyCosmoStyle

I got an email recently with a challenge. If I could spend an entire day at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel, what would I wear? I took to Polyvore to make the magic happen. 

For brunch (above), I'd go with something playful and pastel themed. It may seem tame for Vegas, but the red lips and nails really do piece it all together in a classy lady way. After brunch, I like to take a dip in the pool. The Cosmopolitan has a gorgeous seating area surrounding the blue center that is absolutely perfect for tanning. Given my choice of attire, I'm going to go with a very desert-appropriate orange, contrast blue nails, and lovely jewels for my boyfriend to take care of while I'm in the pool (below).

If you know me, you'll also know that I love to eat. Food = happiness. No matter what your diet plans are, China Poblano is an absolute must when it comes to Las Vegas. I've actually been there once before, and admit that it was the highlight of my entire trip. The atmosphere is casual, food delicious, and waiters are good looking. A+ all around. That is why I chose to pair together a comfy denim skirt with flirty pink details (above). If you're the type to get chilly, this fluffy cream kimono is a very appropriate pairing.

Of course, the dining experience does not end there. I'm not much of a club hopper, so my evening plans are for sure ending at the bottom of the bottle... at STK that is. This next outfit can be flaunted from the casino to the bar, but I prefer to just skip the slots for a while and down a couple of Moscow Mules before putting on my poker face. As you can imagine, I plan to do so with absolute grace. The outfit below is my favorite from the bunch. The jewels are Egyptian-inspired with a masculine dark stone, balanced by the plunging neckline of this sophisticated crop top. Again, this outfit requires a new manicure, but it's totally worth it if you plan on running into any celebs down at STK. I know I do ;)

This final outfit is my late night casino pick. The cup and geometric neckline of this Herve Leger dress is a sure shot to tucking away any extra calories I may collect during my culinary excavations, the orange pumps give me that lift at a comfortable height, and geometric jewels are sure to hypnotize any card counter. I'm thinking straight hair? Maybe soft 1940's style waves? With a champagne smoky eye and luxurious brick red lipstick. 

Which of these #MyCosmoStyle outfits is your favorite? To learn more about the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, check out the delightful rooms here. Don't forget to follow me on Polyvore for more looks and trendy faves! I'm new :)