Meet Natalia: Simple Streetstyle Chic

Since returning to my blog last week I've come up with the idea to start including some of my stylish friends here on the blog. Not only is it a fun way to spend time with my fellow ladies, but a nice way to touch up on my photography skills. This week I'm featuring a long-time friend, Natalia.

I've known Natalia (Natalka) since I was but a wee little thing in a carriage. Our parents spent a lot of time together and even took us along on a joint trip to Croatia! Well, now we're all grown up and still find time to meet for a coffee here and there. 


Natalia's had a few changes in style over the last few years. She's gone from sporty-feminine to bohemian, finally settling somewhere between bohemian and urban chic. She's the kind of girl who appreciates a quality seam and doesn't mind owning more than one "basic" essential accessory. 

One thing I've always admired about Natalia is her ability to turn any simple outfit into an experience. In this outfit you can really get a sense of her musical preferences. The brown oxfords and satchel give off a comfy indie-folk vibe, while the chain on her black hat gives off more of an electronic rocker vibe. Piece that together with a lovely white blouse and matching nails + lips and you've got an easy look for a day out on the town that speaks exactly to what's playing through her earbuds as she walks down the streets of central Bratislava.


For this chance meeting we decided to try out one of Bratislava's popular spots, a cafe called Foxford. It's a cafe full of lovely Nordic style furniture and hipster style books. One of my favorite items on the menu is actually their Chai Latte, but today we tried out their seasonal special rice smoothie with pineapple and banana + citrus cake and that was quite refreshing!


Love what Natalia's wearing? Here's the breakdown:
Shoes - H&M // High-waisted jeans - TESCO // Blouse - Brandy Melville // Hat with chain - Pimkie

What do you think of Natalia's style? Would you wear this outfit? Let us know in the comments below :)