Basic NewChic Bomber Jacket, Elevated

It feels like forever since I wrote that last blog post about overcoming writer's block for bloggers. I guess you could say that blogging has been a bit dreary for me lately. Call me selfish, call me a grouch, but I don't feel like handing out hours of my time to a bunch of blogs I can't possibly read through enough to leave an actually meaningful comment. I know, I know, that's just what bloggers do to get traffic... but I don't like it! It seems like cheating to me. There are many great blogs out there with actually good content that don't get much traction because the writers don't know or want to waste time to get that traffic. Every time I find one of these blogs I follow them on bloglovin', but the time lost in sieving through all the bad blogs with poor taste, little to no originality, or just plain bad content is paramount. Sometimes it feels like I'm little ol' Alice lost in a wonderland of twisted perception.

Maybe there's a better way to get traction on my blog? I dunno...

But I also haven't been posting because I've been sick. And you know how it goes when the sinus headaches come in - time ticks by like the drops from a faucet. Everything feels like slow motion. I've actually only been sick for four days, but somehow I managed to use that time to finally finish The Alchemist on my Kindle, watch an entire season of I Wanna Marry Harry (which is ridiculous btw), and do like 8 loads of laundry. I'd say that's pretty good for someone whose head is pounding incessantly. 

Anyway, I'm done with my rant and excuses. Time to talk about what I'm wearing right now! 

When it comes to dressing for the everyday stroll through the city, I try to put practicality first. Living in a city where the streets are decorated with cobbles stones of all shapes and sizes, I can't exactly go strutting around in any pair of platforms or heels. And that affects my entire wardrobe. So, when NewChic reached out to me about a collaboration I immediately thought to pick out pieces I could actually imagine wearing to the supermarket, to the local bar, or to a cup of coffee in town. The site is full of trendy everyday-wear, so as you can probably imagine, I spent a good few hours trying to choose what three pieces I'd take home.

In the end I decided to order a pair of black and white leather slip-on loafers, a black bomber jacket (on sale right now!), and gray cotton spring coat (also on sale). From the three pieces I definitely like the jacket most. It's unlined, but perfect for wearing under a coat on colder days or on top of a sweater when the wind stops blowing.

What's also great about bomber jackets (or aviator jackets) coming back on trend is that they look good on everybody! They can give any outfit an instant urban-chic vibe. 

In this outfit I was lucky to find a lovely spring day for taking photos. But what are the clothes are like? The prices are fair for the quality, and the quality is similar to SheIn or Romwe. These are the kinds of clothes I don't expect to last years, but will do the job for a season or two. I definitely do recommend this site to bloggers and stylish young women who want to try a new trend without breaking the bank. Just make sure to use the size chart ;)

 Black bomber jacket - spring trend 2016 - by in collaboration with
 Black bomber jacket (Newchic) paired with marble print neopren pencil skirt (Zara) by
 Black bomber jacket, white tee, and marble print skirt. Trendy outfit for spring by
 All hail the holographic pouch! Cluth bag from H&M, black spring bomber jacket from NewChic, copper necklace by ErinPaige Design, white tee by Zara. More fashion and personal style reviews at
 Holographic clutch bag from H&M. See the whole outfit at
 holographic clutch purse and more great fashion style at
 Marble pencil skirt from Zara & other great fashion pieces at
 Great slip on shoes from NewChic - as worn by (@marinasays)
 Comfy and minimal streetwear by, featuring shoes and jacket by NewChic. Click to see the full review!
 Simple everyday outfit with pieces selected by, featuring NewChic and Zara.

What I'm wearing and where to get it:

Black leather slip-on shoes, NewChic // Black unlined bomber jacket, NewChic // White organic cotton tee, Zara // Black marble print pencil skirt, Zara - bought used on // Holographic clutch bag, H&M // Copper necklace, ErinPaige Design // Copper Bracelet, Swarovski // "Roman Holiday" pink sheer lipstick, Nars.

Special thanks to @lolarollas for the photos ;)