Online Shopping to Reduce Anxiety?

Fashion can be so overrated. According to this survey, emotional highs and lows play a leading role in women's shopping habits. We shop when we're happy, nervous, sad, and apparently even when we are bored. And shops take advantage of this. That's crazy! What's worse is, I can completely relate. For me, shopping is all about the impulse. Retail therapy has done a lot for me in the last few years, but it's all been changing lately.

Walking through the mall used to give me a sense of relief. I'd touch the fabrics, try things on, buy the few pieces I really loved for instant gratification. Like any girl, I then loved to show off my new finds, many of which ended up on this blog. But all of that has changed over the last years for a number of reasons; trends have shifted to fit bodies unlike mine, I don't make much money anymore, and I don't actually have anywhere to wear these awesome outfits. Each of these issues has me spiraling into a nervous hole of self-pity virtually every time I enter a store. Now add a mob of hurried shoppers to the mix and the next thing you know, I'm running out of the store gasping for air.

Thankfully, we live in a time where you don't even have to go to the stores anymore to buy things. I buy everything online. My groceries come from, a Prague grocery delivery service that delivers to my apartment door within 90 minutes, I get my electronics within a matter of hours thanks to Alza, and my clothes are carefully selected thanks to online stores like Asos. What I love about shopping online is that I can take my time browsing and getting to know a product before buying - without the hassle. Some websites provide video footage, closeup photos, or even 3-D views of their products. And the best part? No people around to influence or in any way alter your shopping experience. 

I've loved Asos since first discovering it back in 2011, and have been a loyal customer since. Now that I live in Europe I have to use my closest delivery service (Asos Germany), but even that's not so bad. I handled my first return to them last week and it was surprisingly easy. You just print out the label and attach it to your bag/box, then show the lady at the post office the rest of the form and you're good. Free returns, easy peasy. 

What I’m wearing:
Beige jumpsuit with ties, Asos // Black slip on Madrid sandals, Birkenstock via Office Shoes // Layered necklaces, H&M  // Black lace bra, Marks & Spencer.

Photos by @lolarollas