Stylish + Practical Travel Outfit

Flying for 14 hours is, for me, a pretty regular thing to do. Over the years I've experimented with all kinds of travel styles and luggage options, but none have come quite as close to perfection as this latest getup. Last night my boyfriend and I flew from Prague > Stockholm > Oakland (California) with Norwegian Airlines. Since Norwegian is a budget airline I already knew not to expect any blankets or free socks... instead of bringing my own "comforts" in a bulky backpack I decided to dress for the occasion. 

Comfy "tres" chic travel outfit by / at Stockholm Airport
MarinaSays travel outfit at Stockholm Airport featuring "tres chic" slit tee.

On top I decided to go for a hi low top with slits. When I saw this baby at Bershka I simply couldn't resist. That cute font with the words "tres chic," just locked me in. Not to mention that thin jersey fabric I love so much. Normally I'd pair this kind of top with a contrasting color legging or even denim shorts, but for the purpose of flying it's simply better to stick to black so as to avoid any accidental stains from spilled coffee or whatever. And yeah, that actually happens!

When traveling it's also important to remember that the way you dress affects the way fellow travelers and airport/airline personnel treat you along your journey. That doesn't mean you should sacrifice comfort for a pretty pair of heels, though. I don't care how well you planned your trip, there is always a chance that you'll be stuck standing or walking across some gigantic airport and although you'll probably turn a couple of heads, it's simply not worth the blisters. Instead of those platform sandals I wanted to rock on my way through Stockholm, I slipped on my comfy pair of Nikes and felt awesome.

As you may remember from one of my oldest posts, I am all about the blanket scarf. Not only are they awesome for wearing in multiple styles, but they're super functional. Just check out this article for some ideas on how to wear one yourself. This particular buy was particularly lucky because it's actually reversible! On one side I have black and white leopard print, while the opposite side in white with black. I can already see myself wearing this scarf everywhere while in SF (aka the land of unexpected windy weather!).

What I'm wearing + where to get it:

- Black "tres chic" top with slits from Bershka / standard t-shirt "tres chic" alternative or a comfy black slit tee with half sleeves.
- Basic black leggings $15
- Blanket scarf in Leopard Print Foulard by Pull&Bear (18 Eur) / if you're in the US and can't purchase from Pull&Bear, try this Pieces Jowi alternative Oversized Blanket Scarf for $59
- Silver Heart Pendant by Pilgrim 

The perfect travel outfit by, featuring a black and white leopard print scarf
Don't forget a blanket scarf for your best travel outfit ever /
Travel outfit made for the longhaul by

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