Handmade Glam Pillbox Hat

This year has been going so fast, I can't even keep up! It's been three months since I decided to declare "wear more hats" as one of my new years resolutions. How has it been going so far? Well, I have two new hats so far (and two more waiting for me in California), so I think I'm on the right track for sure. The hat that started it all was a handmade woolen beret from Poland. Every time I wear it I get compliments on the amazingly bright colors and quality. After sharing that hat Jedrzejko sent me two more adorable items, including this handmade pillbox hat and a black traditional Polish scarf. Even now I'm still excited about working together with Jedrzejko because as I always say, I'm a huge supporter of local and small businesses! I love knowing that someone sat down and put his or her craftsmanship into a piece. These are things I wear with pride, as opposed to just another cheap garment from some online Asian store. These are pieces that I feel obligated to care for and know that I can wear for years to come.

When asked about what color I'd like to try I chose this bright turquoise blue. I think it looks amazing on brown hair and goes well with my now mostly blue and gray neutral-wear for spring. In this outfit I decided to pair the adorable pillbox hat with a little something I picked up from Zara in February... honestly, this post has been sitting in my queue since February, but I just haven't found the moment to sit down and actually publish it. Call it laziness, call it carelessness, but I just haven't been on my A-game lately. Like I said in my last post, the bad luck has been really getting to me. Although recently I've had a little awakening thanks to my friend Anela, who surprised me with a little "interview" brunch where we played pretend that I was being interviewed by a journalist about my creative process. Later we watched The Secret, and although it is a bit far fetched for me it gave sparked a little light inside my head about what might be possible if I just push a little harder.

Speaking of trying harder, last night I went to the album release party of Thomas Puskailer, a singer with whom I recoded a yet-to-be-released duet with not too long ago! I wasn't there for very long, but long enough to get a word in with Thomas and his manager, somewhere between all the interviews and tv people. We discussed the possibility of releasing the song later as a single or even writing a completely new song together so that I might join him in a few live shows. I hope I'm not jinxing it by publishing this information, but if it were to play out that way I'd be very happy. It's about time I started getting somewhere with my music, after all I'm not exactly 16 anymore! I've been feeling a big better than last week and even released a new track on Soundcloud... so hopefully I can keep doing that until an opportunity comes from it!

 Cute pillbox hat and cork detail outfit by www.MARINASAYS.com
 Silver shoes and a handmade pillbox hat! More quirky fashion looks at www.MARINASAYS.com
 An outfit for indecisive weather. Gray coat by Mango, handmade cork crossbody, and pillbox hat from Poland! More outfits and quirky style at www.MARINASAYS.com (@marinasays)
 Outfit detail. Handmade cork crossbody bag and Swarovski bracelet. Zara dress. More fashion quirks at www.MARINASAYS.com
 Pretty bracelets and a handmade cork bag. Why I love shopping small brands and more at www.MARINASAYS.com
 I love my new silver shoes! Glossy silver reflective oxfords from Mango. More fashion details at www.MARINASAYS.com
 Outfit detail. Zara dress, mango coat, Jedrzejko hat, and more at www.MARINASAYS.com
 Handmade hat from Jedrzejko, Poland. More details at www.MARINASAYS.com
 Quirky spring outfit by www.MARINASAYS.com - @marinasays

What I'm wearing and where to get it:

Handmade pillbox hat by Jedrzejko, available on Etsy - See the handmade floral beret here
Checked organic cotton dress, Zara TRF
Silver and cork shoes, Mango - Recently featured in my fuzzy pink outfit with pink hair
Long gray coat, Mango - Also featured in this all-gray monochrome look
Cork crossbody handbag was a gift from Portugal, but you can get one on Etsy!
Copper tone bracelet, Swarovski - Also seen with this black and white outfit and with this designer cloak
Wooden bead bracelet was a gift from El Salvador, but you can get a similar one on Etsy! 

Special thanks to @lolarollas for the photos.