Pink Fuzzy Everything

If there's anything that can get me out of a creative funk, it's a change. I've been feeling pretty blue for the last couple of weeks. Life lately has been an overwhelming series of failures, seemingly coming from out of nowhere but my own sheer bad luck. Why else would the duet with the local pop star have gone south? There's no good explanation for why I'm having stomach problems at this age either. And finances? Don't even get me started on my bank statements. Overall, my world has taken a few dives away from its normal vibrancy and now seems to be struggling to float its way back into shallower waters. Thankfully, my modeling experience at Wella Professionals (Praha) has given me a way out.

I've been talking about getting pink hair for what seems like ages. After two hair modeling sessions with Wella and a whole lot of discouraging life events I just decided to f*ck it. Really, what's the worst that could happen? As it turns out, coloring my hair pink was exactly what I hoped it would be - a confidence boost. When I first saw the warm and cool tones of hot pink in my hair I was disappointed that the results weren't more like the pastel pink I had asked for, but as the days go by I'm starting to like this sunset palette more and more. I can't help but keep clicking back to my before and after photos to compare. 

And so, to christen my new hair color I've prepared this everyday outfit featuring a fluffy pink jacket from SheIn. It's just the right piece of outerwear for this crazy spring weather: fluffy and warm for chilly mornings, yet light enough to wear even on a warm day like today. In this look I decided to go for a really basic style because after all, the jacket is pretty loud, especially with the hair - but I love it. I feel like a cozy teddy bear when I wear it! In the future I hope to find a great pair of light pink sneakers to complete the look. 

What I'm wearing and where to get it:

Pink fuzzy jacket, SheIn (on sale!) // Textured long sleeve top, Zara (sale) // White straight cotton pants, Mango // Silver shoes with cork, Mango // Moon earrings, Lindex // Olive green backpack, Tumi

 Pink fuzzy jacket by SheIn + textured top from Zara. Awesome ways to wear pink hair and more style by (@marinasays)
 How to wear pink everyday - with a basic white outfit and awesome silver shoes. More fashion and beauty tips at (@marinasays)

How to wear pink everyday - with a basic white outfit and awesome silver shoes. More fashion and beauty tips at (@marinasays)

 N7 olive green cream eyeshadow and a pink fuzzy jacket. For more style inspiration go to (@marinasays)
 Pink hair & pastel pink fluffy jacket that makes me feel like a cute teddy bear! More style inspiration at (@marinasays)
 Mango, SheIn, and Zara make this perfect everyday way to wear pastel pink! Outfit details and a short story about coloring my hair pink at (@marinasays)
 Everyday pink #ootd featuring this adorable pink jacket from SheIn. More streetstyle inspiration at (@marinasays)
 Dying my hair pink was SO liberating! Check out the story & outfit details at (@marinasays)
 Fluffy pink jacket and pink hair with (@marinasays)
 I colored my pink hair and feel AMAZING. (@marinasays)
 fluffy pink jacket and neutral outfit. More fashion and style at (@marinasays)
 Olive green and pastel pink, trendy colors for spring 2016. (@marinasays)
 Super trendy metallic shoes in reflective silver. More fashion insp (@marinasays)

Special thanks to @lolarollas for the photos.