Pinstripes Are All That They See

What the hell is fashion anyway? A form of expression or perhaps a simple shield from the weather? What about morals? Surely they play a role in what we wear and why we wear it. People wear clothing for so many reasons… a huge decision maker in my daily sartorial decisions is status. I love being able to become whoever I want by switching from sneakers into heels or from a sweatshirt to fuzzy pink coat. Today I’m wearing pinstripes because, well… 

The Pinstripes Are All That They See - PRESS PLAY!

When your mother walked into that dancehall in Mantrichard what did she see? Through the haze of champagne did she notice my brain or my college degree? Kid, what she saw... was the uniform! Through the dirt and debris. Yes, thoses ladies gave thanks to us visiting Yanks 'cause the pinstripes are all that they see...

That's a lyric from a musical I love. That being said, it's a musical I've never actually seen. I've seen the Hollywood film starring Leo DiCaprio, but never the musical. I've been listening to the album on Spotify for months now, obsessing over each and every lyric and its genius. That's right, I'm talking about Catch Me if You Can

It’s been years since I last felt the rush, the glory, the absolute addiction of being center stage. After trying to be all kinds of things; a writer, a corporate minion, a lounge singer, there’s just no match for the set of a musical. The lights, the buzz of the crowd just waiting to fall in love, and the feeling of family that comes with any good show. Even just putting my headphones on to listen to some Broadway musical soundtrack makes my chest sparkle with excitement. No matter how sad I might be with my complicated mind and life, there’s always a musical track that can make me dance like the whole world is watching. 

Nowadays my performance art is a lot more audible than visual. As I've mentioned before, you can find me on Spotify, iTunes, and more (lol, I just stumbled upon this old song on YouTube - enjoy!) . Lately, I've even done some voiceover work for a student short and a video game about a girl who gets kidnapped (coming soon!). I like voiceover work... apparently, I'm good at it. These things are nice, but it's just so much more fulfilling to be able to present the art on a stage. Hopefully I'll get some stage time this year... my freaking soul needs it!

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