A Very Prague-ish Weekend at Korso Krymska III

Oh, Prague. City of beer, hipsters, and photogenic buildings. It seems like just yesterday that I last felt my ankles crushing down in uncertainty upon your cobblestone steps. Seeing your inhabitants and their comfortable way of being reminds me of time when I once too made a presence on your decorated paths. I used to look up at the windows and the rooftops, counting endless towers while my trusty friend, Ruby the fabulous would pull at her leash as if saying "Hurry up, woman!"

Tomy, Ruby, and I made our final departure from the most comfortable place we ever lived back in late September of 2014. I knew right when I left that I would miss every one of the comforts that made me call Prague home. Never had I lived in a place where I was actually happy not to own a car. Never had I seen a city so developed, yet so determined to maintain it's Bohemian roots. With its 100+ towers, abundant number of public parks, and bridges of many eras, Prague is a place I recommend any believer in romance to visit. You will fall in love.

But perhaps I'm only speaking out of nostalgia. This weekend my boyfriend Tomy surprised me with a trip back to the city where we met so that I could take some photos for this blog post. You see, after writing that review about Vyvolej.to photos I received an email about a festival in Prague at which they would like to print out a few of my photos for a display. Of course I was excited to have my photos and our travel photos out there for everyone to see. I slipped on my latest favorite playsuit and got on my way over.

Beer, music, and hipsters hanging out at Prague's Korso Krymska III Street Festival / More lifestyle stories at www.MarinaSays.com
Street party at Korso Krymska, Prague / More life stories at www.MarinaSays.com

Our day began with food, as usual. After hitting up the Las Adelitas food truck for a quick (and delicious) tostada, our mouths found an all new craving for an unsuspecting hotdog stand called Off Parek. As usual when it comes to good street food in Prague, we waited in line for about 10 minutes before getting to order this complicated little hotdog. My hands were a huge mess after eating those two sausages in a tiny bun, but my tummy was sure satisfied. 

The atmosphere at Korso Krymska was just as any other open air festival in Prague. The usual crowd of androgynously dressed women and their scraggly hipster boyfriends (now equipped with man buns) appeared in every direction. Children ran about, occasionally bopping up and down to the beat of some nearby band playing. Various breeds of dog were sniffing eagerly at the ground in search for any bit of morsel dropped on the hard paved ground. Yes, this was definitely a typical Saturday in Prague.

Unexpectedly far off from the rest of the activities was an unsuspecting garage with teenagers lined up outside. On a blackboard on the street I found a few of my photos printed out for everyone to see. Butterflies made the tiniest of tinkles inside of me. I'm not even sure why, but they were there.

The line was for Smilebox: a cool service that shows up at your party to take cute photos for anyone who wants them. It's a modern photo booth that you can hire for any party, wedding, or work event. What's cool is that they came together with Vyvolej.to to make a one of a kind experience for anybody passing by. Cute photos, print outs, and a board full of adorable moments.

So, Tomy and I got print outs of our funny poses and went to enjoy the rest of the day at Riegrovy Sady, with a cup of beer and a chill atmosphere. We'll soon be on our way to California where we'll reunite with my precious baby dog, Ruby. You can follow our travel blog stories at www.MadeinMoments.com :)

Having a happy sunny day with Smilebox cz and Vyvolej.to / www.MarinaSays.com
#KorsoKrymska photo board by Vyvolej.to and Smilebox, featuring www.MarinaSays.com
Our cute printouts of the Smilebox + Vyvolej.to photos from Korso Krymska in Prague, Czech Republic / www.MarinaSays.com