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Like many other style and beauty bloggers, travel is a huge part of my life. As awesome as it is to always be discovering new places, cultures, and foods, travel also makes it difficult to keep relationships with people. My boyfriend and I have been on the road since September of last year, sending postcards to a few people and posting stories to our travel blog. But sometimes a postcard doesn't tell the whole story. Sometimes even I long for a memento of our amazing trip experiences. 

That's where comes in. They're a Czech photo printing company much like Printic or Prinstagram except their products are super simple and affordable. So when approached me about sharing some of their products on my social media, I was all about it!

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Instead of printing 30 photos of myself I chose to use my gift code to create a set of photos from our MadeinMoments Instagram. I mean, what was I going to do with 30 photos of myself anyway? :)

Using their online app for picking photos is so simple and easy. I've actually printed with them before, back in 2014 for my boyfriend's birthday (which is also sort of our anniversary). I had some photos of our first year together printed out into the cute cardboard album for him to keep and treasure. The gift was so successful that a few months later two of our friends gave their partners the same thing! 

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I'm really happy with the way these babies turned out and can't wait to start sending them to family members everywhere. Of course, we will also keep a few for ourselves. 

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Thinking of getting your Instagram photos printed with Here are some ideas for what to do with your printouts!

  • If gifting to a friend or loved one, make a new secret Instagram account with all the photos you want to print out. When you get the package use a sharpie or special markers to give your album a unique title
  • Use to send thank you notes after your wedding! Use the space below to dedicate your special moment to a guest you're thankful for.
  • Create a photo timeline for your puppy or baby's first birthday party.
  • Make a collage of your fitness transformation (Mike's idea).
  • Put your travels on display by pinning your photos to a world map.
  • Decorate your cubicle :)
  • These pics are great for scrapbooking.
  • Use your printouts as clues for a scavenger hunt: bachelorette parties, school activities...
  • Print a lot of copies of one or two photos and use them as your business card.

Have your own cool ideas for using photos? Share them with me in the comments :)