How To Wear Rustic Cuff Accessories / As Seen On Good Morning America

Just the other day my boyfriend was taking photos of my hands for one of his projects when he asked if I had any bracelet or cool arm candy we could use... and I realized I don't actually own a bracelet! So, I started looking around for something I would actually wear, possibly on multiple occasions. 

It didn't take long before I stumbled upon Rustic Cuff on Facebook. Not only are these bracelets cute enough to wear with practically any outfit, but they're the kind that'll actually last a long time. Gold plated stainless steel, gorgeous dyed leather, solid brass and more choices make Rustic Cuff a cool and smart buy. What's more, these babies are one super sale right now at 69% off. Here's how I'd love to wear them:

For Everyday

Since I'm not used to wearing much bulk on my wrists (did I mention I have tiny wrists?), the Meagen Leather Wrap (now on sale for $24) is my go-to choice for everyday wear. When creating this outfit I tried to think of a casual summer occasion to which I'd like to show off just a little... then I remembered how much I've always wanted to go to a neighborhood BBQ! If I was invited to one, this is definitely what I'd wear. Keeping it cool in an ombre crop top, but sharp with a sexy pair of heels and unexpected neon nails. Would you wear this? Comment!

As a Gift

Although I'm not all that crazy about monogramed accessories, I do like the idea of jewelry with a meaning. Certain dates in my life carry a sentimental value, like the day I met my boyfriend or the day I got my first puppy. For someone more adult, those dates might be a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, etc. That's why this Kerry Custom Date (now on sale for $32) bracelet caught my eye. Not only does it serve as a warm reminder of that special day, but as a versatile accessory to an everyday look. If I knew I was getting this lovely accessory as a gift, this is the outfit I'd wear. Keep it simple and let the metals say it all.

As a Statement

Like I said, I'm not all that into wearing your name as jewelry. What I am into is words of empowerment! This St. Louis Gold (now on sale for $44) bracelet is great in that you can actually customize the word on the bracelet itself. Of course, the bracelet itself can only be so big, so as long as you keep it to 12 characters you should be fine. With this city sleek outfit I'd most like my bracelet to read "Queen" or "Lucky." Much like Donna from a few posts ago, I like the idea of luck you can carry with you. What would you get on your St. Louis bracelet?

What do you think? Which one's your fave? :)