SheIn Wishlist for Spring

The approach of the spring sunshine is always a kind of turning point for me, fashion wise. Every shopping decision is weighed multiple times, as the pieces I choose for warmer weather are bound to last me all through summer and into early fall. And yeah, I've been using Vinted (Czech website for trading and selling clothes) a lot for trading clothes I no longer wear, but most of the time a piece takes more than a month to sell. I don't actually do that much shopping and my closet is relatively small.

Thinking about spring and the feminine feelings that come with seeing all the flowers, chirping birds, and the disappearance of black uniform on the streets, I can't help but feel a certain rush of excitement at the thought of soft pastels and comfy grays. In the outfits below you'll see some of what I hope to be wearing out and about for the next few months, inspired by the affordable pieces at

Leggy Gray Romper + Blushing Pink Trenchcoat

The farther away we get from winter, the more excited I get about finally being able to ditch my thick winter denim and leggings for a comfy one piece like this cute jersey romper. I love being able to just choose one article of clothing that'll make my entire outfit, instead of having to mix and match the same mindless tops and jeans every day. I paired this one with a pale pink trench, nude lipstick, and some platform booties to give it a bit of an urban edge.

Blush Colorblock Coat + Graphic Tee "First, I need coffee" + Silver Sneakers

As the bears come out of their caves after a long winter nap, us style geeks begin to slowly peek out of our black winter gear. That's right, it's time to get our heads out of the snow and admire some of the newness that spring brings. As you may be able to tell from these outfits I'm really in love with cool gray tones right now, so breaking up the monochromatic feel of this look with a warm blushing pink is a surprising, yet subtle twist I think virtually any city chic can pull off. And I mean, that tee just says everything!

Creamy Lace Up Sweatshirt + Shiny Black Pointed Booties

We all have those days when we just don't feel like dressing up. Mine are usually in the middle of the week or on the weekend when I'm running errands or meeting a friend for a local cup of coffee. It's these days when all I really want is a cozy sweatshirt and a pretty pout to make me feel like I tried. 

Checkered Oversized Shirt + Matching Scarf + Tulle Midi Skirt

Last on this list (don't worry, there's more on my Polyvore!) is a little bit of everything. A chaotic mixture of textures makes this outfit wearable, but definitely something to wear with caution. I'd be most likely to be seen in this little number while attending a class, going to rehearsals, or attending a local event.

Let me know which of these was your favorite ;)