Cool Small Businesses To Watch from Urban Market, BA

After two months in Bratislava it's time to say goodbye and move on the next place. For my last weekend in the old town I decided to check out Urban Market Bratislava, where small business owners and artists from around the country come together to show and sell their original products, may of which are handmade. 

Although the photos are now almost two weeks old, I still wanted to share them with you because maybe it'll inspire you to check out a design market somewhere near you. As we all know, small business ideas are the beginning of every next big thing. So let's get out there and support local businesses! 

Here's a list of some businesses I thought were really cool and noteworthy:

  • Turzo jewery: Jewelry inspired by fences in Slovakia. The more I look at the website the more I wish I bought one of those cute rings!
  • SlovakiaGift: Clothes, stationery, and more cute accessories inspired by traditional Slovak folklore. These guys have been in business since 2011 and can now be found at Martinus book stores.
  • TYFORMY/Pavla Vachunová porcelain jewelry: Two art students from Prague got ahead of the game and started their own business with ceramic ornaments and wearables. Really great stuff here inspired by organic forms and modernism.
  • Gentle Jam (first 2 photos below): Clever jam and alcohol concoctions with very little sugar and no aromas or thickeners. Each jam is handmade and labeled. My favorite was the Apricot with Bourbon Whiskey jam. Way delicious.
  • Big Wood Organic (4th photo below): Steampunk-inspired jewelry and accessories made from handpicked wood pieces and vintage clocks.
Delicious alcoholic jams and chutneys from Bratislava's Urban Market 2015 /
Tasting some Gourmet Jam at Urban Market, Bratislava /
Hipsters chilling at Urban Market, Bratislava /
 I bought my mom one of these cute handmade oven mittens.

I bought my mom one of these cute handmade oven mittens.

Some cute toys by /
 Checking out a cute tee by SlovakiaGift.

Checking out a cute tee by SlovakiaGift.

 More cute merchandise by SlovakiaGift.

More cute merchandise by SlovakiaGift.

Abstract modern art at Urban Market, Bratislava /

More cool photos of #UrbanMarket 

I'll be spending about a month and a half in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, so you can all look forward to another post from the Urban Air Market at the end of June.

Let me know if you make any purchases from these brands! :)