Songs About Oxblood

So, I've been neglecting my blog a little. Not because I don't like blogging anymore or anything, but because I have been shifting from a negative space to a positive space and back all to quickly. It's got something to do with my inability to keep a job and my desire to provide for myself through music. You see, over the course of the last two months I've been meeting with a pianist from Malta to create a repertoire of some 100 songs to sing at a local five star hotel. About three weeks ago we had an audition and nailed it. The manager of the hotel was eager to shake hands with me and show us to all the possible places to play at the hotel. The restaurant, the grand hall, and the sky bar. 

A week later the pianist told me to come to the restaurant to sing for some two hours. When I asked about how much I would get paid, he changed the subject. Eventually I got some price from him, a price that is three times less than the minimum wage for musicians in the area. I went with it as a first time deal, reminding him that we'd go over my payment later down the line. Fast forward two weeks and that conversation still didn't happen. We'd played another gig, this time four hours at the sky bar, where guests like the former Miss World and her beau were celebrating an anniversary. By then I'd bought a few cocktail dresses and shoes to look the part and changed my travel dates to visit my dad to accommodate for the gig I was sure would bring big money. After all, four hours is a long time.

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The weekend passes and I don't hear a word from this guy, so I decide to message him. I was sitting on a bus on the way back from a rushed trip to Bratislava, cut short because of the "important performance" we were planned to have on Monday. I told him I'd talked to musicians who've been playing in Prague for a few years now and they've all told me the same thing; they don't even take jobs for the minimum offer, which was three times more than what he was paying me! They all told me to get a contract with the hotel so the pianist can't cheat me out of good work. This pianist then threatens me by telling me not to talk to the management "or else," and "not to come back or he will call the police." What? I ask to play fair and he sacks me? I've seen this before...

It's been four years since I first got cheated like this. The first guy was my boss who paid me less than my male employees, then asked me to translate threats to his latino workers. I got a local newspaper to publish my store and bam, his business fell apart. The second guy screwed me over when I found out the startup I'd moved across the planet to work on never really existed. All those promises for 15% of the company were built on lies. Then when I gave my two months notice, he neglected to pay me my last paycheck. In turn, I left his agency early and told everyone I could about what a crook he was. With me went several large clients and a big wad a cash. So, what am I going to do about this guy? I'm going to do the same thing I did to everyone else who ever messed with me; I'm going to give him a taste of his own medicine. 

I've gone ahead and taken the liberty of contacting the hotel manager about the crook who's making the hotel look bad, then I got the pianist blocked from several musician's groups on Facebook, I've messaged musicians who've shown interest in working with him via comments, and my next move is just too dirty to explain in this blog post... it needs more planning.

But really, what would you do in my situation?

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Now, let's talk street style.

This outfit is all about power. I chose to use a few basic pieces to really let the accessories pop in this one. Next, I went for a wine red/oxblood color paired with a dusty pink to distract from the serious go-girl silhouette of the overall look. Top it all off with a delicate set of earrings and an awesome pair of shoes and you're ready to seize the day well into those darker hours of the early evening. 

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Get the look:

  • Pink envelope handbag, Promod // But you might like this one too
  • Matching pink tassel necklace and earrings, Promod 
  • V-neck burgundy top, Zara 2014 // For an updated version, try this top
  • Sparkly black mini skirt, Forever21 // For an upgrade, this this one
  • Black double breasted waist coat, Forever21 // Mine is older, but this one is great too
  • Strappy pin snakeskin heels, Macy's // The brand is Thalia Sodi, whose shoes you'd probably love
  • If you like the nail art on my toes, go to this blog post :)

Photos by @lolarollas < don't forget to follow her on Instagram!