Making Blogger Friends Thanks To Instagram

Making friends has always been a tricky subject for me, being a bit of an introvert, and especially because of all my trust issues. At school I didn't make many friends, and now that I work from home, there's only a very small to no chance of making any new connections in person (i.e. the dog park or local drug store). Thank goodness for the internet! It's because of blogging and the social media accounts associated to my brand that I've been fortunate enough to make virtual friends with some really inspiring people, bloggers or not. 

One of my most recent connections is with Maggie from Clothes to Midnight. We started chatting after I noticed a giveaway in my Instagram feed. I immediately entered (because she's got great taste and I want all her stuff, heh), tagging a few friends whom I'd thought would like to enter as well. I was then very surprised to see she'd noticed the comment I'd left and that she's actually replied to it! After all, she has 11.3k followers... that's a lot to keep up with. Soon after, I received a DM from the friendly California girl asking for my address so she could send me a little something... is it weird to say I had butterflies? It's not every day that a cool girl wants to send me snail mail.

And she really is a cool girl! After our brief conversation, I decided to try and find out what she's all about. Turns out she's a costume designer and has worked on an impressive number of films and plays. Having studied performing arts myself, I find this to be quite a coincidence. Maybe one day when I'm back in California we can work together on some amazing project or another.

Yet again, Instagram plays the role of matchmaker in my blogging life.

And now, here we are, two weeks later and I've received a lovely little package from Maggie consisting of three face masks: two My Beauty Diary "whitening smoothing Bulgarian rose" face masks and one eye patch which Maggie says warms up when you wear it! Having experimented with a few Asian beauty products before, I was hyped to see what the "whitening mask" did to my skin. Because the instructions on the back of the packaging were in Japanese(?), I wasn't sure for how long to leave the mask. The smell was soooooo lovely, so I let it sit for an hour before removing it. My skin felt really soft afterwards and had a kind of brightness it didn't have before.

It's so wonderful to be living in a generation where anti-social nerds like me can make friends without even having to leave home. As a thanks to Maggie for the lovely holiday surprise, I'll be sending her a little something back from here in the Czech Republic. If you think we'd get along and you'd like to be bloggin-buddies with me too, leave me a shout out in the comments below :) I don't bite.

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